Types of Affidavit in India

How Many Types Of Affidavits Are There In India?

Types of Affidavit in India

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When you want something to declare officially then for that you are required to prepare an Affidavit. It also depends what types of Affidavits you want to make. An Affidavit is a declaration in which an individual declares to the world that he/she has officially changed name, have bought a property, have put up any property on sale etc, anything whatever they like. 

Why Affidavit is important?

A written declaration signed by a person who implements, swears, confirms, and affirms under oath is known as an affidavit, to put it another way. This person further certifies that the contents of the proclamation are true and accurate, and that nothing has been left out or misrepresented. He also confirms the accuracy of the material.

An unchallengeable declaration of an individual’s oath is known as an affidavit. Affidavits are an essential part of court proceedings because they provide a written account of the incident’s facts, which can aid judges in making decisions. They are also helpful for maintaining records. You just need to choose the type of affidavit you want to make.

How many Types of Affidavits are there?

There are 4 major types of affidavit, they are as follows:

  1. General Affidavits: As the name suggests the general affidavits are the one which do not own any category used commonly such as income proof, sale & purchase of vehicle, loss of document affidavit etc.
Genral affidavit
  1. Change of Name Affidavit: this is another type of affidavit that we will be discussing. The documents which are related to your change of name individuals are required to make an affidavit. Such as changing your name, changing surname after marriage, Minor name change etc.
Name change affidavit
  1. Student Affidavits: The type of affidavit which is used by students when they have a gap year certificate, Short attendance affidavit, Anti-ragging affidavit etc.
Student affidavit
  1. Birth and Marriage Affidavits: You also need to make affidavits when a new born baby comes into the world or also the purpose of the affidavit in joint marriage and divorces.
Birth & Marriage affidavit

These are the main types of affidavits which are used all over the world.

What are the Contents of an Affidavit?

As there are many types of affidavits so when we talk about the content of an affidavit, it depends upon the type of affidavit you are opting for. For example, you want to make a gap year then the information related to the college name, year of gap, reason, etc. Similarly for all other affidavits different details need to be filled up. That is why there is no set content for the affidavits.

Every time the declarant makes a reference to facts that are to his knowledge, he must state them explicitly and positively by using the words “I affirm” or “I swear and say.”

The statement “I am informed” and, if appropriate, the phrase “and verily believe it to be true” must be used when the declarant is stating a fact that is not personally known to them but is instead based on information gained from others. As an alternative, he may mention where he found the information. The declarant must state the source and his knowledge or belief regarding the veracity of the facts included in any documents or copies of documents that support the statement and were obtained from a court of justice or another source.

Which Stamp is used for Affidavit?

The answer to this is easy: the usage of stamp paper depends upon the states. There are some states where only a few denominations of stamp paper are used.  For example, in Maharashtra denominations of 100/- and 500/- are used whereas in Haryana 101 denominations of stamp paper are used. The most commonly used stamp paper value used in nearly all states is 100/-. Though a person can also decide as to what stamp value he/she needs whether it is 10/-, 20/-, 30/- or so on.

Who is Responsible for the Affidavit?

The affiant, who is the individual making the statement, and a person who is legally qualified to administer an oath, such as a notary public or specific court and government officials, both sign the document. Affiants may face legal repercussions if they sign an affidavit containing misleading information.

What is the Validity of Notary Affidavit?

In terms of its contents, a notarized document like an affidavit is valid indefinitely. Its execution time, location, and date should be the primary factors; otherwise, the earlier affidavit may be declared invalid and void if the information in the affidavit is refuted by fresh or additional evidence.


We discussed the types of affidavits which are commonly used in India. The specific requirements and formats of affidavits may vary depending on the purpose and the jurisdiction where they are being used. It is always advisable to consult with a legal professional or notary public to ensure compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. And for a more convenient process, order online without wasting time or waiting in long queues. Just a strong internet and filling up the particular form that’s it. Get it delivered at your doorstep.

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