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If you face any issue with a service or product you've paid for, you want a quick resolution with the seller. If they don't provide a satisfactory resolution, you can file consumer complaint online against the seller. “The Consumer Protection Act of 1989” provides various rights and protections to Indian consumers. By exercising these rights, a consumer can take a business or service provider to court for not delivering a satisfactory product or service or engaging in any fraudulent activity.

We recommend sending a legal notice to the seller as the initial step before filing a consumer complaint. If the seller ignores it or doesn't take action to resolve the problem, you can proceed with the consumer complaint to seek compensation, refund, and relief under the law.

What Actions You can Take as a Consumer?

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    Our Client's Experience

    Car Insurance

    "Ms. Aastha Malhotra was not entitled to her car's insurance after an accidental crash, so we filed a complaint. Subsequently, more than 5 lakh rupees were reimbursed, and we also received an apology letter from a renowned insurance company, along with the attorney charges."

    FOod problem

    "Mr. Ashish placed an online order through one of the renowned delivery applications, and he got food poisoning after eating the food. He was subsequently admitted to the hospital, and we helped him obtain a reimbursement of 45 thousand rupees, including hospital charges and attorney fees."

    Cosmetic product

    " Mrs. Priyanka Gupta underwent a skin whitening treatment from a renowned skin care brand, but the process resulted in side effects. Her skin turned pale and developed rashes and redness, which necessitated surgery. We assisted her in obtaining a compensation of 10 lakh rupees from the brand. "

    Issue with builder

    " Mrs. Kusum Sharma booked a flat in Noida with a renowned builder. However, even after the possession date, she did not receive the possession of the flat, and the builder refused to refund her money. Consequently, we filed a legal notice to builder for refund of booking amount, and as a result, she received a full refund of her booking amount. "

    Consumer Complaint Categories

    damaged product

    Damage Product

    Cosmatic issue

    Cosmetic Issue

    Food Quality issue

    Poor Food Quality

    Automobile Problem

    Automobile problem

    Insurance Issue

    Insurance Claim Issue

    Issue with Electricity Board

    Issue Electricity Issue

    Fuel Quality Issue

    Petrol Quality Problem

    eCommerce issue

    Issue with Ecommerce


    Yes, Consumer complaints are valuable as they aid in recognizing issues with products or services, fostering improvements, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. So if you are not satisfied with the product or service you have paid for, you can file consumer complaint.
    Consumer forums are like referees for problems between buyers and sellers. They hear what both sides have to say, look at the proof, and then make fair decisions. Their job is to sort out disagreements and make sure people are treated fairly when they buy things.
    Consumer rights are the rights and protections given to people when they buy things or use services. These rights make sure that customers are treated fairly, products are safe, and information provided is accurate during transactions.
    Consumer Courts deal with problems that buyers might face, like when something they bought is broken, services are not up to the mark, or if there's any unfair behavior by the seller during the purchase.

    Yes, usually, it doesn't cost much or is completely free for Consumers to file a case in the Consumer Court.  District Forum, State Commission, and National Commission shall have jurisdiction to entertain complaints where the value of the goods or services paid as consideration are:

    District Forum

    • Up to to one lakh rupees – For complainants who are under the Below Poverty Line holding Antyodaya Anna Yojana cards - Nil
    • Up to one lakh Rupees – For complainants other than Antyodaya Anna Yojana cardholders- Rs.100
    • Above one lakh and up to five lakh rupees- Rs.500
    • Above five lakh and up to ten lakh rupees- Rs.1000
    • Above five lakh and up to twenty lakh rupees- Rs.2000

    State Commission

    • Above twenty lakh and up to fifty lakh rupees- Rs.5000
    • Above fifty lakh and up to one crore rupees- Rs. 10,000

    National Commission

    • Above one crore rupees- Rs.25,000
    • Above five crore rupees- Rs.50,000
    • Above ten crore rupees- Rs. 1,00,000
    The Consumer Complaints Council can handle and fix Consumer complaints, making sure things are fair and right for the buyers.
    Yes, you can register consumer complaint about a product or service online in India using specific websites created for customers to raise issues and problems.
    In simple terms, if you have a problem with something you bought, like within two years, it's best to submit a Consumer Court Online complaint. Waiting too long might make it hard to get help. So, it's crucial to act and file your complaint within that two-year time frame.
    Yes, you can go ahead and file a case in the Consumer Court without hiring a Lawyer. The system is made to be simple for regular people to use. It's meant to be easy for you to tell your side of the story directly. But, if things get confusing or your case is tricky, you can still talk to a Lawyer for advice, which a layman can’t.
    If it's a simple problem, it might be fixed faster, but if it's more complicated, it could take more time. There's no set time, but they try to sort things out as quickly as they can. It's a good plan to keep track of what's happening with your case and work together with the Court to get it done faster.

    They will file a case against you as a result, and you will then be subject to specific legal obligations. Additionally, a reply to Legal Notice is a must for the other party otherwise the matter may be reached to court without giving it a chance of settlement. You ought to have responded to the notification sooner.

    No, the complaint is different than the notice .. in former we make the complaint to the concerned authority directly as per the relevant sections of Criminal Procedure Code but in latter the notice has to be sent to the person concerned or to whom it is directed. The legal notice has been mentioned in Civil Procedure code under initiating of the proceedings. Thence the complaints are made out for the offences which are non-compoundable and non-cognizable. For rest legal notice has to be sent for perusal of the parties. the legal notice can be sent through post, email and whatsapp but in case of complaint it is needed to be made following proper guidelines and regulations.
    There isn't a specific minimum amount for a complaint in the Consumer Court. You can file a complaint regardless of the monetary value involved in your grievance. The Consumer Court is there to address and resolve issues, whether they are big or small.
    Yes, you can file Consumer complaints even without a bill. While having a bill or receipt can strengthen your case by providing evidence of the transaction, it's not always mandatory. You can still file a complaint with other supporting documents or details about the purchase.
    Basically, kids under 18 or Minor and people who are not mentally well can't file complaints under the Consumer Protection Act. But if you're an adult and in good mental health, you can complaint if you have problems with something you bought.
    If you don't win a Consumer Forum Complaint, it means things didn't go your way. You might not get what you were hoping for, and you have to agree with the decision. If you think it's not fair, you can check if there's a chance to ask a higher Court to look at it. It's crucial to understand why you lost and maybe get advice from a Lawyer if you're not sure what to do next.
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