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Join Forces with Us: Empowering Advocates and Stamp Vendors for Mutual Success

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To build a strong, collaborative relationship with advocates and stamp vendors, we are introducing “Partner with us” page. By partnering with us, you will get the access to our wide network of legal professionals and customers that will enhance your business opportunities and it will expend your reach as well. Our portal is designed to streamline your operations, efficient workflow that makes managing your services effortless.

As our partner, with our extensive marketing efforts, you will be benefitted by gaining increased visibility and credibility in the market. So, whether you are an advocate who are looking to get more clients or a Stamp vendor who want to increase their sells, we offer the tools and support you need to thrive. Join us in creating more connected and efficient ecosystem. Together, we can achieve the remarkable growth by delivering the exceptional service to our customers.

Who can be our Partner?



We are looking for passionate advocates with mutual vision and are eager to join us in making difference in the community. By partnering with us, you will be getting the access of a large network, opportunity to amplify your voice and influence. We believe that our collaboration can make positive impact and drive meaningful change and create bright future in our community. Join us and let’s make lasting impact together!


Bar-Council Registered Advocate and having a Practice of a minimum of 1 year.

Stemp Vendor

Stamp Vendors

Stamp Vendor plays a vital role in legal and official documentation process therefore we are looking for esteemed partners who are authorized by government of India or are registered firm. If you join us, you will join a network of professionals committed to excellence in service delivery. Additionally, you will get the unique opportunity to expand your customer reach. So don’t wait, join us make an impactful change.


Either a Government-authorized Stamp Vendor or a registered Firm having a proper mechanism to procure the Stamp papers.

Benfits of joining our Team 

Expanded Market Reach

Expanded Market Reach

Get a wider client base through our extensive network, increasing your potential for growth and revenue.

Enhanced Credibility

Enhanced Credibility

Partnering with us will enhances your reputation and credibility, as we are known for our commitment to quality and excellence.

Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and Promotion

Benefit from our marketing efforts, including promotions, campaigns, and events that highlight our partners and their services.

Long-Term Growth

Long-Term Growth

Enjoy the potential for long-term growth and stability through a partnership that prioritizes mutual success and continuous improvement.

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Knowledge base

If you are an Advocate, you must be a bar-council registered Advocate along with having a year experience. For Stamp Vendors, a Government-authorized stamp vendor or a registered firm can register for partnership.
You just need to fill the above given form with the asked details for registration.
The registration process can take 2-4 weeks that depends on the verification of your documents a credentials.
No, there is no fees associated for becoming our partner.
Once you become our partner, you will expend your market reach and enhance your credibility. Also, with our network you will be  benefited by getting customer from Pan India.