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With the experience of 7+ years in this Documentation Industry and the knowledge we gained throughout this journey, we strive to provide our customers with our cutting-edge online service. We are backed by our Strong and secure Vendor Base. We have onboarded more than 100+ vendors till date and have earn the trust of 1.2 Million Customers hence we ensure lightning-fast and flawless processing of the Orders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

e Stamp paper is an electronic way of paying the Stamp Duty to the Government. e-Stamp paper is currently available in 18 states majorly operated by Stock Holding Corporation India Limited appointed as a CRA (Central Record Keeping Agency) by the Government of India.
We’re currently running in 20+ States and provide all type of Stamp papers to the end-customer. We strictly follow the Government Stamping rules and regulations and provide the Stamp papers in accordance with the Stamp Act, 1899.
Rapid Stamp Service is a game changing service in the market to provide our customers with their stamp paper scan within 15 minutes. With our vast experience, this Documentation Market has been strongly captured and hence we’re striving to launch such service. Currently this service is available in 10+ states in India and we are continuously working to expand it to other states as well.

Currently this Service is available in below states:

Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Assam, Karnataka, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh & West Bengal

Under Rapid Stamp paper service we provide the Scan copies within 15 minutes whereas in other type of Scan service i.e. Quick & Standard Scan we provide the scan copies within 2 hours in Quick scan option and by evening in Standard Scan option; we always aim to eliminate the waiting time especially for the scan copies so that the Customers can complete their work under stipulated time.
No, we do not provide Hard copy; only the Scan copy shall be provided. If the Customer requires the Hard copy as well then they can place the request while connecting with our operations team and we will ship the hard copy while taking the courier charges.
We provide Scan copies at registered email address which Customer provide while placing an Order.
Scan copies considered as a photocopy of the Original except for Haryana and Jharkhand; in these 2 states the Soft copy that the customers get is the Original copy; for other states it shall be considered as a Photocopy and we recommend the customers to opt for the delivery of the Hard copy for future reference.
Under this service, we provide the Scan copies within 15 minutes; 15 minutes would be the maximum time to wait however we strive to deliver before 15 minutes.
Refund is applicable if the service didn’t get delivered within 15 minutes, We will Refund the entire Service Charge however the Stamp duty amount shall not be Refunded; A Refund shall be made to the source account used while making the Payment, and shall be completed within 5-7 working days.