frequently asked questions on rent agreement

Some frequently asked questions

What is eDrafter?

A company that emerged in May 2016 came up with the best digital solution for many by providing a massive digital platform for legal documentation. A company which provides an online service of delivering your documents at homes.

“Your Convenience is our priority”

Why to choose eDrafter

eDrafter eliminates the three basic problems which a customer has to face while purchasing offline.

  • The problem of waiting in long queues.
  • The problem of wastage of time.
  • The problem of paying high cost for the documents.

The accessibility to our platform is easy and convenient for the users.

What is the Process for Creating Documents at eDrafter?

The process of eDrafter is very simple and easy to access. The following steps are:

  • Login to our website and make your account by signing up.
  • Select the document you want from our website. For example, e-stamp paper, rent agreement, etc.
  • Fill in the form.
  • After filling in the details, review your document for any corrections.
  • Lastly, make the payment for your purchase.

We will get your documents ready and that would be shared to your registered email for your approval. Once confirmed from your side. We will start with the final documents and ship it to your given address.

How can I setup my Account on eDrafter?

Simply just click on the Sign up option and fill the required details, and that’s it. Here you go!

What is Non-Judicial e-Stamp Paper?

Non judicial e-stamp paper is the service in which provide the e stamp paper of the particular state which a customer wants. And if you want the whole documentation service for that also you can acquire from our legal document section.

Do i get the Documents with e-Stamp Paper?

Yes, we provide Documents with e-Stamp paper or on the type of Stamp paper would be available with the Concerned State Government.

If once submitted for prepration of Documents can I ask to edit/change the details provided by me?

After filling up the details and submission of documents. Our operations team member will be connecting with you on your specific registered mail ID along with your draft for approval. If anything needs to be rectified so can simply write down the points and mail back to them. The modifications will be done accordingly.

Is there any limit for reviewing the document?

No, we give you numerous opportunities to review your document until you get full satisfaction with the Drafted Document as your convenience is our priority.

How soon will i get my Document?

The timelines depend upon your purchase and the service you chose. For both Scan copy and delivery timelines are:

Delivery Timelines –

  • For delivery within City – 2-3 working days (depending on your location)
  • For the delivery outside the city – 3-5 working days (Depending on your location)

Also we have introduced few New Delivery Services which are as follow:

  • Standard Delivery – 99/-
  • Same Day Delivery – 299/- (available States Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Pune)
  • Next Day Delivery Pan India – 399/- 

Please Note that the Cut-off time to dispatch the Orders on the same day is 3:30 PM and applicable on Working Days. If Orders/Approval upon draft received after the cut-off time and/or in Non-Working Days then it will be processed and dispatched on the Next Working Day.

Our Working Days are: Monday to Friday

*Shipping is available all across India, T&C apply.

Quick Scan Timelines :

If the order/approval is given within the cut-off time that is 3:30 pm. Then your order will be processed and delivered on emails within 2 hrs (from the time you have placed the order/approval).And If your order/approval comes after the cut-off time 3:30 pm then the
next working day

you will receive your scan within 2hrs by 10 am onwards.

(Note: Quick Scan Service is not applicable for Notary orders of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and West Bengal)

For the Standard Scan:

If the order/approval has been received within the cut-off time of 3:30 PM then the scan shall be provided on same-day (by or before 7pm).And If the Order/approval has been received after the cut-off time of 3:30 PM then the scan shall be provided by the next working day (by or before 7pm).*Scan copy timelines cannot be expedited however we will try our best to provide it on-time. Exceptions can occur and there can be delay in sharing scanned copy however it’s a rare case.

Do you share my Personal information to Third Parties?

For us the comfortability and security of our Customers comes first. Your details are safe with us and after the completion of your order it gets deleted. To know more please refer to Our Privacy Policy page.

Do you provide Courier along with the scan copy?

Yes, we provide courier service along with the scan copy however it depends upon the Selection you made while placing the Order; If you have chosen “Scan copy only” then no hard copy shall be couriered; For getting both courier and scan you are required to choose that service from the options given at the Chart section.

How does the Service Differ from the Offline Market and whether the same Document shall be provided that we get via Offline Mode?

eDrafter has pushed the whole Offline Process of acquiring legal documents to a more digital advance platform. eDrafter eliminates the loopholes of long queues, high cost and wastage of time. With the help of strong vendorbase we provide almost all the requiring legal documents which everyone needs. The process of acquiring has also be cut down by them to only few steps which are Fill the Form, make payment and get the Delivery at your Doorstep. And the documents which you acquire from eDrafter is the same that you go and buy offline. The documents are legally valid when you use them.

How many Types of Stamp papers are there and what all types does eDrafter provide?

There are two types of stamp paper:

  1. Judicial paper : This is basically used by the Court judge to write verdict on it and;
  2. Non-Judicial Stamp paper: This is used to execute legal documents of people.

eDrafter provides the non-judicial stamp paper since we as a company provide the legal documents to the customers such as rent agreement, stamp paper etc, which are executed on Non-judicial stamp paper.

Is eDrafter authorized by the Government for issuing Stamp papers?

eDrafter is a Private Limited Company which has strong ties with Stamp vendors through which we provide the Services.

In How many States eDrafter is running?

We offer services in more than 20 states; we primarily cover all of the states. We also offer a complete, centralized, and global solution for the e-stamping business. You can also see clearly below in the map what e-stamping service we provide in some specific states.


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