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Our company offers an extensive variety, which includes all sorts of Legal Documents, including Rental Agreements, e-Stamped Papers, Affidavits, Name change packages, and other Documentation services. Our team is made up of skilled and efficient workers who work tirelessly to ensure that we provide the best to our customers. The procedure for creating Documents is simple and straightforward. So if you don’t have any Legal expertise to get started, then guides you through each step until you are done with the complete process.

The merit that you will be getting from our side is that our services have the ability to customize your Legal Documents to suit the individual needs. We give you the freedom to choose and create a Document that truly reflects your needs and importance. We not only provide you with the ability to create your own Document, but there’s more on the platter, with additional services that include a live editor just to make it easier for the customers to draft their Documents and a Quick Scan service, through this; a scan of the Document is emailed to you within two hours after placing your order.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Custom Document Drafting is a service introduced by eDrafter where you can ask us to draft your document the way you want. We have professionals who are expert in document drafting and they will talk to you to know your requirements before drafting your document.
    With our Custom Document Drafting, you can create almost any document including affidavit of bachelorhood, self declaration affidavit, affidavit for duplicate marksheet, single girl child affidavit, Leave And License Agreement and many more.

    The Process to draft your custom documents is very simple and are as follows:

    • Fill the above form with all the required details and we will schedule a call with our drafting expert.
    • Let the expert know about your requirements.
    • The expert will draft your document and share the draft with you on your registered mail id for your approval.
    • Once you approve the same, we will deliver the hard copy of your document at your doorstep.
    Yes, you will get 2 revisions for your document draft. When we share the draft on your mail if any changes are required, you can ask us to rectify the same.
    The cost of the document depends upon the type and stamp paper value of the document. Once you fill up the form and share us your requirements we will share the quote with you. The quote starts from 499 onwards.
    The affidavit of singleness in India is also called Affidavit of Bachelorhood. This affidavit states that you are single along with your other details including address, identity and Witnesses name.
    Yes, self declaration affidavit is a legal document that confirms that all the information that the individual has provided is authentic and accurate. By filling up the above form, you can create your self declaration affidavit online which is legally valid.
    If someone dies without having a will then bank does not release thier funds without having this affidavit. Therefor it has become mandatory for legal heir to submit Affidavit for Legal Heir to the bank. To get this affidavit online, you can fill the form above and we will create your Legal Heir affidavit in no time.
    The depandant affidavit is a legal document which is provided to the citizen of India by the government that confirms and testify that he or she is a depandant. This affidavit establishes the depandant status of the citizen for every legal and official purpose.

    To get your lost marksheet, you have two options first is try to find the original one if not succeed then you can ask the respective authority to provide you a duplicate marksheet but to get that you need to submit an application along with few documents including an affidavit for duplicate marksheet. By filling up the above form, you can get your affidavit for duplicate marksheet or Affidavit for lost marksheet in no time.

    A Support affidavit is a legal document signed by an individual to take the financial responsibility of the applicate who is going to live in a foreign country for studies. Person who signs this affidavit is called "Sponsor".
    HUF is known as Hindu Undivided Family which included all family members from a common ancestor including wives and unmarried daughter. HUF affidavit is a legal document which declares the existence of a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) and identify all the members of this family to open a bank account, applying for loan, etc.
    Single Girl Child Scheme is a scholership program intiated by Indian Government for girls who are the only child of their parents. This scholorship program was intiated to compensate the higher education cost of single girl child. To avail this scheme the candidate need to submit all the required documents along with the Single Girl Child Affidavit.
    NCA is also known as Non Criminal Affidavit and yes it is mandatory to submit NCA in TCS, without submiting it, you won't be able to join TCS.
    Before offering a job offer to anyone, TCS does a strong Background check of the candidate. To check the candidate's background, they ask the candidate to submit No Criminal affidavit to make sure that candidate doesn't have any criminal background. Beside if any candidate has education gap, then they ask them to submit a gap certificate mentioning a valid reason of their gap.
    When you get a job offer from TCS, one of the important documents that you need to submit is Non Criminal Affidavit to proof that you don't have any criminal background.
    You can get your Affidavit for Non-Criminal online from our website by filling the form above on this page. You just need to fill the form giving the necessary details and our expert will draft your NCA in no time.
    All candidate who are applying for job in TCS are required to present all their documents including educational documents. In case you took a gap from your studies, you need to submit a GAP certificate in TCS.