Name Change Procedure in India

All About Name Change Procedure in India

Name Change Procedure in India

The Film Industry Legend ‘Amitabh Bachchan‘ changed his name. Yes, you read it right. After appearing with his original name ‘Amitabh Srivastav‘ in Saat Hindustani. Which is his first film that turned out to be unsuccessful. He decided to make some changes to his name.

In India, it’s common for people to change their names due to various reasons. It might be numerology, astrology, or luck factor. Some, might not like their name or get inspired to call by some other name.

What is Name change process in India?

So, if you are 18(+) and need to change your name. Then you have to know the name change procedure. All, you have to follow 3 basic steps. Which had needed to be done for authorizing the name change procedure:

Name Change Procedure Step

Now, let’s discuss the above-illustrated Steps in detail. The Name Change Procedure in India are as follows:

Step 1: Affidavit of Change of Name

First, you need to make an affidavit for the change. It’s done by a local Notary in the District Court of your City. The current name, the new name, and the reason for the name change has to be given in the affidavit. Along with, your personal details such as Father’s/Husband’s name, residential address, etc.

Below is the Preview of the Format of the Name Change Affidavit :

name change procedure affidavit

(Click on Image for Zoom View)

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Step 2: Newspaper Publication

After the first step, the second in the name change procedure is Newspaper Publication for Change of Name. Publish the Advertisement in two local leading newspapers of the State i.e one in the Regional Language of the native state where the applicant belongs and one in the English leading newspaper and preserve at least 4-5 original copies of the Newspaper.

An important point that must include in the details for Newspaper Publication for Change of Name:

  1. Old Name
  2. New Name
  3. Father’s/Husband Name
  4. Age
  5. Full Address
  6. The date on which the affidavit is made
  7. Notary Name who attested the affidavit

Before publishing the name change advertisement in a newspaper, always check the content of the advertisement and that the above-mentioned points are correct and accurate. Below, are two samples of advertisements in newspapers for a change of name :

Sample Advertisement

Step 3: Publication in the Official Gazette of India

After that, the final step in the name change procedure is the Publication of the Change of Name in the Gazette of India. Publish Notification in Gazette of India (Central Gazette) had done by writing the Application along with DD of requisite fee with the list of Documents required.

Prepare and send the following documents to the Department of Publication for publishing Notification of Change of Name :

  • Name Change Affidavit duly Notarized (Original)
  • Newspaper Publication (Original)
  • Hard Copy of Specimen of Name Change duly filled as per the prescribed format. Below is the format of the Specimen for your reference:

(Click on Image for Zoom View)

  • Soft Copy of Specimen in a Compact Disc (C.D)

In a Soft Copy, remove the Signature and Witness Column from the Format of Specimen. Then, copy the Word File into the C.D

  • A Certificate duly signed by the Applicant declaring or stating that the content of the hard copy and soft copy that the applicant is providing is the same. Below is the Format of the Certificate for your reference:

(Click on Image for Zoom View)

For Govt. employees working with Central Government. They will be required to submit Deed for change of name in accordance with the Ministry of Home Affairs 0. M. No. 190016 / 1 / 87-Estt. dated 12/03/1987. In case, Indians who are living abroad. They have to submit deed duly attested by the respective Indian Embassy / Indian High Commission, in original to this Department.

  • A Demand Draft of Rs. 1,100/- (in case of major) and Rs. 1,700/- (in case of Minor) drawn in favor of Controller of Publications, Delhi.
  • Two Passport Size Photographs were self-attested.
  • One Self Attested Photo ID Proof.
  • Application/Forwarding Letter describing all the Documents enclosed within the envelope.

“Enclose all the Documents in the Envelope and send it to the Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi – 54”

After following all these steps. Download the Notification from the e-gazette website

Once they publish it and provide it to the Department where you want to change your name. Then, you can easily change your name in all the Documents by showing Gazette Notification for name change.

You may refer our Blog To know How to Download Name Change Notification


 Points that an applicant should keep in mind to get the Name Changed in Central Gazette –

  • The Documents that the applicant is enclosing should not be older than One Year. Otherwise, they will not be acceptable to the Department of Publication.
  • The Documents should be in a prescribed proforma provided by the Department of Publication. The Signatures in those documents should be from Old Name Only.
  • Pay the Publication Fee appropriately as fixed by the Department. It should be drawn in favor of the Controller of Publications, Delhi.

Fee Structure is as follow (subject to change by department w.e.f – 31.3.2017) : –

For Name Change of Minor Child – Rs. 1,700/-

Name Change for Major/Govt. Employee – Rs. 1,100/-

For Indian Living Abroad – Rs. 3,500/-

  • Don’t cut the Newspaper Clipping. Provide the whole page of the Newspaper along with the front page of that Newspaper.
  • Publish the Notification in Central Gazette. It holds more power and better recognition as compared to the Notification of State Gazette.

Central Gazette is located at Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-54.

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