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Address Proof Affidavit is required to provide Residential Proof to the Concerned Department when there is no other Residential Proof with Applicant.The Affidavit can be used for issuing of Driving License, issue of sim card and at other places.

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Change of Signature Affidavit is a Affidavit which state that now Applicant has Changes his/her Signature.

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Date of Birth Affidavit is required due to non-availability of Birth Certificate and to provide as a proof of Date of Birth to the Concerned Department where ask for.

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Proof of Income Affidavit is required to provide proof of family Income to avail various benefits.

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Sale/Purchase Vehicle Affidavit is required when Sale/Purchase of Vehicle done between two parties declaring the Details of Vehicle and declaring that the possession of vehicle handed over to another party from this particular date and other details as well.

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The Department generally ask for the Affidavit for Addition of Name in Birth Certificate stating few details about the Child and his/her birth.

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Applying for withdrawal of your Provident Fund? Now there is a easy process for you to get Affidavit for it. Just Fill the Quick Form and get the Affidavit delivered at your doorstep.

Marriage Affidavit for Lady Applicant is used by Lady Applicant as a proof of Marriage to show to the Concerned Department.

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What is Affidavit?

AFFIDAVIT~ शपत पात्र

Affidavit is a written Statement in which Deponent oath or Affirmation his/her Statement. Just like earlier people used to take oath in front of god OR also we can consider the example of  Courts by taking swear of Bhagwat Geeta. Affidavit generally states that everything is true and correct and affiant sign the Affidavit by taking an Oath.

What is meant by Deponent?

Deponent is a person who makes Affidavit under oath. For Ex: Varun is making Affidavit for his Name Change, than he will be consider as the Deponent who is making Affidavit and taking an oath about his statements.

What are the Important Points to be keep in mind while drafting Affidavit?

Points to Keep in Mind while drafting the Affidavit are:

  • Mention the Statements carefully and briefly.
  • Do not mention the Statements that Deponent is not affirming or if statement is not true.
  • Insert the Verification Column at the end of the Affidavit stating that the Contents of the Affidavit are true and nothing has been concealed therefrom.
  • Mention the Date and Place in the Affidavit Carefully.

What amount of Stamp Paper should be use for Affidavit?

The Prescribed Stamp Duty of Affidavit in Delhi is Rs. 10/- and in Karnataka Rs. 20/, So Affidavit can be made accordingly.

What Stamp Paper should we use - Stamp Paper OR e-Stamp Paper?

Now, there is no Stamp Paper system left in Delhi/Karnataka including 16 other states. The Prevailing system of Stamp paper has been replaced by the Government in a year 2011 (in Delhi) and in a year 2007 (in Karnataka). Government has appointed Stock Holding Corporation India Limited ( as their Central Record Keeping Agency and they are the Only CRA with Government for e-stamping. So, Affidavit should be made only on e-stamp paper, it is far safe as compare to prevailing system. To know more about the difference between stamp paper and e-stamp paper, you can check our blog here – Difference between Stamp Paper and e-Stamp Paper

Image of e-Stamp Paper:

Non Judicial e stamp paper