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Address Proof Affidavit


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              Address Proof Sample Affidavit

              HOW IT WORKS?

              STEP 1- Fill the Form & Make Payment.

              STEP 2- We will draft your Affidavit and send it to your e-mail address for your Review & Approval.

              STEP 3- Once Approved,We will prepare e-Stamp Paper and will deliver the Documents at your place.

              frequently asked questions

              What is Address Proof Affidavit?

              Address Proof Affidavit is a residence proof affidavit can be used by the applicant as a proof of address when there is no other address proof left with the applicant.

              What are the uses of Address Proof Affidavit?

              The Address Proof Affidavit can be use as various different places like:

              • For Vehicle RegistrationThe Applicant can provide the Address Proof Affidavit as a Document acceptance for address proof for the vehicle registration.
              • For Driving LicenseThe Address Proof Affidavit can be used by applicant in order to apply for the Driving License and it will consider as a valid address proof.
              • For Bank AccountThe Affidavit can be used as a proof of residence for opening the Bank Account.
              • For PassportThe Address Proof Affidavit can be use for Passport as well but it depends upon the Department that whether they will accept it or not, generally they demand for the Registered Rent Agreement as a supportive Document for Address Proof.
              • For SIM Cards – Address Proof Affidavit can be use to apply for sim card as well.
              What are the points to be include while drafting the Address Proof Affidavit?

              The Following are the necessary points should be include while drafting Affidavit :

              • Full Name of Applicant/Deponent.
              • Date of Birth of Applicant.
              • Full Address of which the Applicant is making Affidavit.
              • Duration from which the Applicant is residing at the concerned address.
              • Declaration of true Statements.
              Do I get the fully drafted Affidavit from eDrafter?

              Yes, you will get the fully drafted and ready to use affidavit executed on a relevant stamp paper. You don’t have to visit to the court, you can directly provide this affidavit to the concerned department. It will be legally valid.

              Can it be submitted to Passport Department as a supportive Document for Address Proof?

              No or it is also depend upon the Department. Generally the Department ask to provide the Registered Rent Agreement as a current address proof if the applicant is staying on Rent.

              Here you can check the detailed list of Documents –