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Digital Stamping & Signature Solution for Businesses has proudly made the easiest solution for Digitally Stamp & Sign any Document which an Organization demands.

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Say Bye to a Physical Execution of the Documents and Welcome the Era of Digital Stamping of 20+ States with the option to Sign the Document Digitally.

We provide a complete Solution wherein you can opt for our API Integration and get complete access under your portal for e-Stamping & Digital Signature. With our Digital Solution, we help and provide a massive audience from dwelling on physical visits and wasting time in long queues.

Our e-Stamping solution is strictly lawful as per the Stamp Act & Electronic signature is calculated under the Information Technology Act 2000, Specific provisions relating to digital signatures are included in Chapter IV of the Act entitled "Attribution, Confirmation and Transmission of Electronic Records".

Types of Digital Signature

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For those who don't have there Aadhaar Card registered with phone number. 

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We provide 3 types of Solutions as below:

  • API-based Solution: If you own a portal then can opt for our API Integration wherein we shall assist you with the technical support for an Integration and once the Integration gets done you will get access to Digital Stamping and signature at your portal itself i.e. at your portal only you can merge the Agreements along with the available Stamp papers and can send it further to the parties to sign it digitally.
  • Customized-Dashboard Solution: If you do not own a portal then do not worry we got you covered; We provide a fully customized Dashboard wherein you can prepare the Workflows as per your requirement and can use the Dashboard for Digital Stamping and signature; Just upload your Document, Choose the Stamp paper and system will merge it and will send it further to the parties for the Signatures.
  • Digital Stamping Solution: If you’re looking just for a Stamping solution then you can opt for this particular service, We will be assisting you with PAN India Stamping service at a Flat and affordable rate. Under this solution currently, an API Integration is not available.
The commercials depend upon your monthly/yearly requirement. We request you to book a Demo which will be a Free Demo OR you also can get in touch with us at the contact details mentioned on our website and our Sales Team will get in touch with you.
In order to know more about us, we request you to refer to our About Us Section.
We provide Digital Stamping for PAN India, You can merge the Document with any state Stamp paper, it is a complete paperless solution; The Stamp papers shall be available under the Inventory from where you can keep on fetching the Stamp papers and can merge it with your Document for final execution.
No, Stamp papers cannot be generated in real-time as the Government does not provide any sort of API Integration; you need to let us know in advance how many stamp papers and of which state you will be needing; We will procure it and will upload it at the backend which further you can use digitally.
No, there is no limit; you can order as per your requirement and we will fulfill it as per the committed time. We’re currently active in 20+ states, you can check our Stamping Coverage.
The procurement process as well as Legality in both types are the same however there is a mass difference in terms of effectiveness as the Organization can save time and effort while opting for Digital Stamping. Moreover, we have been focused on the Digitization of this Stamping industry wherein while sitting in any city you can get access to PAN India Stamp papers.
Yes, it is legally valid as we have only come out with a Digital solution with the help of technology however the procurement and paying stamp duty process is in accordance with the Government, being a Leading player in Stamping Industry we ensure that the Stamp Papers sold hereunder shall be in accordance with the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 or any other act as may be applicable in that particular state and the Stamp Papers shall be in accordance with the specifications which may be provided by the Organizations.
Through our Digital Signature solution, you can sign any sort of Document digitally and/or can also send it to the parties for Signature, It is a complete paperless and authenticated solution as per the Legal Standards and is approved by the Government.
Yes, a Digital Signature is similar to a Physical Signature in the eye of the Law as per IT Act, 2000. In fact Digital signature is way more secure as compared to a physical signature as while initiating a Digital Signature the Geo, browser details, and the Video of the Signatory while initiating the process get captured and the same becomes available as an “Audit Report”.

So we offer 3 types of Digital Signature services as per below -

  • Aadhaar-Based: Parties can sign while inserting their Aadhaar number, an OTP shall be triggered on a mobile number linked with the Aadhaar, and after entering an OTP a signature shall be successfully done.
  • Phone-Based: Parties can Draw/Select a Signature/Upload an Image of a Signature and can further sign it electronically via entering an OTP received at the registered Mobile number.
  • DSC: Parties can Sign through their DSC while entering the Token Number.
Yes, it is absolutely secured as the solutions we offer are compliant with the IT ACT, CBDT, ICE, eIDAS, UETA & ESIGN ACT.
Organizations can sign Invoices/Bills/PO/HR Documents/Vendor Agreements/Service Agreement/Rental Agreement and all other Documents. Only the Document that requires Notarization or Registration cannot be signed digitally, for such Documents manual signatures are mandatory
No, there is no limit, you can get the Signatures done as much as you want.