What is a Gazette Notification for Name Change

What is Gazette Notification for Name Change?

What is a Gazette Notification for Name Change

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Changing from the Old stack Kamlesh to a brand new Ken. People are evolving with the trend of not liking their original name and going with a self-made nickname. The Bollywood stars have a huge crispy history of changing names. For eg, Kiara Advani, her real name tends to be Alia but is Alia Bhatt was already a Star, people not mistaking her name for Alia Bhatt she changed it from Alia to Kiara Advani. The Name Change process has many more things that need to be discussed below so let’s dig out!

What is a Gazette Certificate?

A Gazette certificate means an authorized legal document that you receive from the government’s side. In which the gazette notification is legally published for whatever cause you have to declare all over India.

Note: Gazette notification is also known as Gazette certificate.

What Documents do you Require for a Name Change Gazette?

For applying you need to submit number of name change documents for the process:

  • First you need to submit the Gazzette affidavit for name change.
  • Newspaper publication: Two ads need to be published. One in the local newspaper and one in the English newspaper. 

(Note: The publication should be in Local & National Newspapers not in local/national language.)

  • Since the gazette has its own format so all these documents need to be submitted with ID proofs and payment receipts also. 

Gazette fees Structure: 

  1. 1100 – name change 
  2. 1400 – name correction
  3. 1700 – Name change minor
  4. 1350 – Name change after marriage
  • Lastly, gazette publishes notification for name change.

How to Apply for a Name Change in the Gazette?

By submitting the above mentioned documents you can apply for a name change in the gazette. The gazette has a different format in which your document is processed. 

Gazette of India

How to Change Name in Gazette online?

There are several documents required for gazette name change which needs to submitted and within three steps that needs to be followed to change your name in India, the gazette comes the last step but let us get to know all:

Steps to Change Name in Gazette

Step 1: Change of Name Affidavit

To change your name legally, you must first file a gazette affidavit. Using the website https://www.edrafter.in/change-of-name/, you can place an order.

Step 2: Publishing in Newspaper

Publish the advertisement in two local leading newspapers in the state. One in the native newspaper and other in the English leading newspaper, and keep at least 3-4 original copies of each.

Step 3: Publication in India’s Official Gazette

The final stage in the name change process is publishing the change of name in the Indian Gazette.

Note: The Central Gazette based in Delhi only. The other Gazette Department is the State Gazette. Also, the notification published in the Central Gazette holds more power and recognition. As compared to the State Gazette.

How to Check my Name in Gazette?

Checking your name change online in Gazette is possible as they need to visit on the website. So the people who want to see their gazette status and check online intently have to visit http://www.egazette.nic. There he/she can know about the status of their documents.

How can Name Change Gazette be Downloaded?

By visiting the government website http://www.egazette.nic.in there you will be able to download the gazette certificate. Follow the below stated steps to online download the gazette certification:

  • On the homepage you will go to ‘search gazette’.
  • Select the ‘weekly gazette’.
  • Opt for ‘Part IV’.
  • After that,Select the dates according to your preference when your notification will get published.
  • Tap on the ‘Standard Report’ after that your download link will be provided to you.
  • Then you can download your Gazette Certificate pdf file.
  • To find your name (old or new), press Ctrl + F, then download the entire Gazette to create your own copy.

By following these steps, you can download name change gazette notification of your name change.

Can i Change my Surname in India?

Yes, you can change surname in India with the same process as changing a name. Your surname does not change immediately after you get married. You need to go through all the legal proceedings to change surname after marriage. And for that you need to:

  • First, get your Affidavit for surname change made.
  • Second, Get your ad published in two newspapers. One ad should be published in a local state newspaper and the other one should be in an English newspaper.
  • Third, after this get your Gazette notification for name change for your Surname published by the Government of India.

If you are getting your surname changed after marriage then you will be required to submit a marriage certificate along with ID proofs of both spouses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Gazette of India?

A Gazette basically means a detailed journal where all the newspaper publications are noted. If someone needs to declare anything legally to all over the country it can be related to anything. For example, name change, property or theft, etc.

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