Newspaper Publication for Change of Name

Newspaper Publication for Change of Name

Newspaper Publication for Change of Name

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Sometimes, we need to change our name but we feel that it is a very lengthy and tedious process. Even though it is lengthy, the procedure for changing your name is very simple. All you need to understand is the procedure. what steps need to be taken? what type of documents requires? If you are over 18 years of age and planning to change your name in India, then there are 3 mandatory things that need to be done for authorizing the name change:

  1. Creation of Affidavit – An affidavit needs to prepare for the name change.
  2. Newspaper Advertisement- Place an advertisement in the Newspaper with the details, of the change of name.
  3. Gazette Notification– A notification should published in the Gazette of India (Part IV) regarding the Name Change.

Process for Name Change:

First, approach your local notary and mention your request. The Notary/Stamp Vendor will suggest the stamp paper of required value on which the affidavit for the name change is made. We also provide Name Change Affidavit duly Executed on e-Stamp Paper and that too without Stepping out of Home. For more Info, Kindly Check our this Section – Name Change Affidavit

After completing this, the second step is Newspaper Publication for Change of Name. Publish the Advertisement in two local leading newspaper of the State i.e one in the Regional Language of the native state from where the applicant belong and one in the English leading newspaper and preserve at least 4-5 original copies of the Newspaper.

An important point which must include in the details for Newspaper Publication for Change of Name:

  1. Old Name
  2. New Name
  3. Father’s/Husband Name
  4. Age
  5. Full Address
  6. Date on which affidavit had made
  7. Notary Name who attested the affidavit

Before publishing the name change advertisement in a newspaper, always check the content for advertisement and above mention points are correct and accurate. Below are two sample of advertisement in newspaper for change of name :

Sample Advertisement Name Change

After placing the advertisement in newspaper now Publish the Notification in the Gazette India about the Name Change and preserve the copy of notification with you and use it at the places where you want to change your name. Publication in Gazette of India is not mandatory in all the states, it depends upon the State to State, while its mandatory for Government Employees to draft the Name Change Deed and to publish the notification of changing name in Gazette of India.

If you want to save your time and efforts brings its Name Change Package for you. Just avail our services and there will be no need to rush and face the queues and press of people, we will do the Job on your behalf.

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