Is Gazette Enough For Name Change

Is Gazette Enough For Name Change?

Is Gazette Enough For Name Change

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Earlier we didn’t had a choice but to accept the Names that were kept. But now we have our legal rights and can get our Names Changed on legal terms. There is a whole process which an individual needs to go through. The steps are way simple. Though it is a time taking process. Changing your Name through Gazette means announcing to the world that you Changed your Name. Below we will be discussing that is Gazette for Name Change enough:

What Is The Gazette Of India?

 A Gazette is a legally valid government document that details how to carry out the law’s requirements. Gazette is a legal government-organized platform where if you have taken up anything new it can be a plot, a car, or anything you can get it published in Gazette. Where everyone will know that this particular individual has taken so and so things.  It should be noted that this publication program is carried out in accordance with the Allocation of Business Rules that the Government of India periodically issues.

Gazette for Name Change in India as already discussed in starting it has a long process in which this particular thing is also a part of that process. 

Why Is Gazette Necessary For Name Change?

For government workers, Gazette Publication is required; for everyone else, it is not. However, they might ask you for a copy of the Gazette notification for Name Change if you need to change your Name on a number of certificates and identification cards. You must thus announce your new Name Change in the Gazette. In the whole process of changing of name, the Gazette Notification is very important. Thus, it can not be skipped neither it can be alone enough to Change the Name of the individual. 

What Documents Do I Need To Change My Name?

The documents of Gazette For changing the name are as follows:

  • To alter your Name, you must first file an Affidavit to the Gazzette.
  • A newspaper publication for change of name is must in 2 reputed newspapers. One in an English newspaper and one in a local paper.
  • All of these documents must be provided with ID proofs and payment receipts because the Gazette has its own format. 

What Is The Process To Change Name? 

The Gazette for Name Change online process is easy. The steps are as follow:

  • Step 1: Name Change Affidavit: You must first submit a Gazette Affidavit in order to officially change your Name. You can make a purchase by using the website
  • Step 2: Publishing in Newspaper: Post the ads in two of the state’s top local papers. Keep at least 3-4 original copies of each advertisement you place, one in the local newspaper and the other in the English-language daily.
  •  Step 3: Publication in India’s Official Gazette: Publishing the Name Change in the Indian Gazette is the last step in the Name Change procedure.
  • Step 4: Gazette publishes the notification for changing of name.

How Much Does It Cost To Change My Name?

There is no set amount different states have different costing tags for the Gazette for Name Change service. If you take the Gazette for changing of name online service then the charges are different. Though there are some set charges which the Gazette has set 

Gazette Name Change online fees: 

  1. 1100 – Name Change 
  2. 1400 – Name correction
  3. 1700 – Name Change Minor
  4. 1350 – Name or Surname Change after marriage


The Gazette for Name Change is not enough alone. Since if there is a whole process then it has to be go like that. Every step is important in changing of name Gazette in India from the Affidavit till the Gazette notification. So it is mandatory to do the process as it is though, for government employees, it is compulsory.

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