Common Mistakes of Name Change Notification in Gazette

Common Mistakes of Name Change Notification in Gazette

Common Mistakes of Name Change Notification in Gazette

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The Central Gazette of India is a public journal where office notices from the side of the Government are printed in it to keep the public know about the new affairs and news that the Government is officially taking care of. Documents must be published in the Gazette of India in order for them to become enforceable and become public information. While exceptional gazettes are released daily, contingent on the urgency of the matters to be published, ordinary gazettes are published on a weekly basis on a specific day.

Note: In the year 1877, the Government of India Gazette was formed by Nilokheri in the language Bengali and English with the purpose to keep the public updated about the current affairs of within and outside the country. It used to be known as the Gossip page but later it was used for political information.

What are the Common Mistakes of Name Change Applications?

There can be multiple common mistakes in newspaper publication for Name Change that should be kept on finger tips while drafting it, the mistakes in Name Change process are as follows:

Common Mistakes of Name Change Applications
  • Attestation of Photographs: The attestation of photographs are an important step and a common mistake in the Name Change procedure. If you skip this step then you are required to redo the whole Name Change process because it will get rejected by the central gazette of India.
  • Witness Signatures: Another common mistake in newspaper publication for Name Change the signatures of witnesses are required for the Name Change application. The application may be rejected or the notification may not be published on time if the if the witness signature is absent.
  • Full Sheet of Newspaper: The Name Change notice advertisement in the newspaper needs to take up an entire page. The application can be denied or delayed if the advertisement is not printed in its entirety on one sheet.
  • Outdated Affidavit: Affidavits for Name Changes must be current and recent when they are provided with an application. The application may be rejected if the Affidavit is out of date, necessitating a restart of the procedure.
  • Incorrect Details: A demand draft must be used to pay the Name Change application fee, and it is crucial to make sure that all of the information listed in the draft is accurate. An inaccurate name or amount in the demand draft could result in the application being rejected or cause a delay in the notification being published.

How to Check Name Change Gazette Notification?

You can easily check Name Change gazette status through the Government official website Department of Publication. Here are the steps:

  • Click on the ‘eGazette’ on the homepage.
  • Choose the state or union territory where the notification was published by using the drop-down menu.
  • Select the suitable time frame for the notification’s publication.
  • Type the applicant’s name or application number here.
  • To check the status of publication, click “Submit.”
  • The applicant can get a copy of the Gazette notification from the website if it has been published. The applicant may inquire further of the relevant authority if the notification has not been published.


When you change your name try avoiding such Common mistakes in newspaper publication for Name Change. The Name Change gazette rejects your whole documents even if they make any kind of minute mistake. Then you are supposed to do the whole Name Change process again. There is no other way and you already know that the gazette Name Change process is time taking. Therefore, it is better to avoid such mistakes.

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