Types of Legal Notice

Types of Legal Notice | How Many Legal Notice Types are in India?

Types of Legal Notice

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It is a very common saying ,“ that everyone should get a fair warning in their life”. It is also applied in the Legal framework. Every person should have their chance to prove their innocence in front of the public. No matter what offence is. The Law works on the grounds of proof you have against the other party. So in these cases Legal Notice is issued against the offending party to give them a warning to prove their innocence to the public or apologise for their action. There are different types of Legal Notice for different cases.

A Legal Notice is the first step before proceeding to file a legal case against the other party. The main purpose of sending a legal notice is to give an opportunity to the other party to rectify the issue before you file an FIR or legal case in court. In a Legal notice, you need to clearly mention the whole scenario and the action made by the other party that caused you problem. The more detailed you draft a legal notice the more it gets authenticated.

For different civil cases there are different types of Legal Notice format. So mainly the cases which are highlighted through by sending Legal Notices are as follows below:

Legal Notice for Divorce

It also comes in one of the different types of Legal Notice in law. Both husband and wife can send the Legal Notice for Divorce to the other party. For example, if the husband is throwing away his wife even before the divorce procedures take place and is not ready to take care of her and the child after that then in these situations the wife is liable to send a Legal Notice to the husband and claim her rights back. On the other hand, if the wife makes a false accusation or claims something which is out of the question for the husband then even he can send his wife a Legal Notice to clear up his stand. Although, before sending a legal notice, you should take Divorce Consultation from an experienced divorce advocate to know about your rights and available options.

Defamation Legal Notice

The type of Legal Notice drafting which comes in handy when someone or a stranger tries to throw shade on your reputation. Any one putting allegations against you which is harming your reputation in public. The Government of India has given full right to re-claim your reputation by sending a Legal Notice for Defamation to the culprit who is behind all this in a form of Legal Notice. If the person at wrong does not revert back or does nor stop his actions you can drag the person to the court itself to seek justice.

Legal Notice for eviction

There is another type of notice in Law in reference to the eviction. This Legal Notice is mainly prepared and sent between tenant & landlord. Either party can send this notice. A landlord can send a legal notice to vacate rental property when tenant is not vacating the property or misusing the property or any activity which is against the clauses mentioned in the rent agreement. These are the few conditions in the Legal Notice for eviction that are sent from the landlord’s side.

Legal Notice for Cheque Bounce

There can be other reasons due to which the cheque can be bounced such as the may be drafted of an expired date which is mainly a crime or due to insufficient balance in the respective account due to which the amount needed to be subtracted. This comes under a crime offence. A person can take Legal action in this case but sending a Cheque Bounce Legal Notice has always been a good solution because people do take action when they receive one.

Before 30 days the Legal Notice should be issued as per the Negotiable Instrument Act Section 138.

Legal Notice for Money Recovery in India

Legal Notice for Recovery of Money is a type of notice in law. This notice can be sent by anyone who is not getting their money back after lending it to a known or unknown party. Majorly this notice is sent by the financial institution who gives credit to the people in need of money for a fixed time period to return back that money. But when the time period is over and the debtor is not able to pay the loan money back the lender sends this Legal Notice to acquire back their principal amount from the debtor. Since no one wants to get engaged with the court proceedings and everything so many of them return the loan amount on priority basis on receiving the Legal Notice.

There are many more different types of Legal Notice such as cases in between employee and employer, employer not paying the salary, Notice period not served by employee, etc but the major ones have been discussed above.

It depends on your situation whether it is a case related to money recovery or a divorce case. You can even take help from your concerned advocate to suggest you regarding the appropriate Legal Notice that you can send to the party at wrong. So according to that you are required to get your Legal Notice drafted from an advocate since a Legal Notice is made on an Advocates Letterhead. Legal Notice can be now drafted through with our help. The process is simple and accurate with no extra efforts, the steps are as follows:

  1. Go to our main page and register yourself.
  2. Click on the Legal Notice in the main menu and fill out the asked details.
  3. You will receive a call from our Advocate. Tell him in detail about your case. Be elaborative as much as you can so that your Legal Notice is prepared precisely.
  4. Our advocate will share the draft on your registered mail ID, once you have approved it and made payments. 
  5. It will be sent to the opposite party on your behalf too. 

The prices are very nominal and delivery service is super duper fast!

You can read our detailed blog on Legal Notice vs Court Notice to know the differenced between these both.

Yes, it is a set pattern where a Legal Notice is a type of Document which is sent before taking any action in Legal procedures. The first step to start your Legal proceedings with a Legal Notice only. The opposite party should be aware of the chance that they have been given to re-adjust their wrongs in to right. Police complaints are merely done in the crime offence cases where you have to do FIR on immediate basis. Cases like theft, murder or rape, etc. Where the culprit should not be given any warning but direct punishment for his crimes he/she has committed.


When we talk about different types of Legal Notice in law. There are many more but we already discussed the authentic ones which are more common than the others. Now even procuring the Legal Notice procedure is made simple. No long waiting or heavy charges of Advocate. Get your Legal Notice drafted by us and get it shipped within a few days to your opposite party as well!

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