Legal Notice vs Court Notice

Legal Notice vs Court Notice | Difference Between Court Notice & Legal Notice

Legal Notice vs Court Notice

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Getting confused between Legal Notice and Court Notice is normal but there is a huge difference between them. So let’s give this big confusion a full stop. They both are needed to take Legal action against the aggrieved party. However the procedure of doing it is not the same. One involves Court interference and the other one doesn’t. We will discuss these terms in detail so that you can get a clear figure about them.

The Court Notice and Legal Notice meaning are as follows:

Court Notice

So a Court Notice meaning, it is sent to the opposition party directly from the Court. When a party files a case towards another party then a summon (notice) is sent to the opposite party from the Court. It comprises the details regarding the case and the parties also the next hearing date. Unlike Legal Notice it is not a warning but a notice to let the other party know that they require to visit the Court for further hearing on the case.

Legal Notice

A written warning known as Legal Notice by advocate which is drafted on behalf of the client. In which the intentions of the sender party is notified to the opposite party that if the settlement isn’t done within the given time-frame then the whole case will be battled directly in the Court.


Now what is the actual purpose of both Court Notice and Legal Notice by advocates? So hereby we will be looking into the difference between lawyer notice and Court Notice purposes since both the formal notice are misinterpreted as one. They are as follows:

  • Purpose of Legal Notice: The main purpose of a Legal Notice is to give out a chance to the opposite party to rectify their mistake in the given time and a suit filing in the Court can be avoided. Because the party on whom the case will be filed would be at a loss psychologically and financially both. It is a cheaper way of resolving the dispute among the parties without involving the Court.
  • Purpose of Court Notice: The Court Notice serves the purpose of letting the opposite party know that the case has been filed by the sender party and the Court has asked your appearance before the Court for further hearing. Ignoring a Court Notice can put you in trouble so it is better not to avoid it and go accordingly.

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What are the Major Differences between Lawyer Notice and Court Notice?

Lawyer NoticeCourt Notice
Legal Notice by advocate is sent to the opposite party on behalf of their client.Court Notice is directly sent from the Court to the opposite party on whom the case has been filed.
Majorly the Legal Notice is sent before the case is taken to the Court and in a form of Warning.When things don’t go according to Legal Notice or without serving any Legal Notice the suit can be filed against the recipient and in that case a Court Notice is sent.
If you ignore the Legal Notice then either the Sender will not take any further action or can take an action in a Court of Law while proving that the Recipient has not replied that means they’ve accepted their fault.Ignoring Court Notice can lead to serious action such as the warrant can be put forward, police action can come in-to a force, also the time period of hearing can be reduced due to which Recipient will not have much time to prove their Innocence.
Legal Notice involves the letterhead of the advocate, mode of sending notice, Recipient details,Title,the Detailed matter and in the end the demands of the sender and time period to resolve the issue.Court Notice involves Date of Hearing, Title of Case, Matter, To be appeared in Court while appointing an Advocate or else the case shall be processed in the favor of the concerned party.

Legal Notice and Court Notice are important in their own ways. The importance of Legal Notice and Court Notice are as follows:

Legal Notice

Importance of Legal Notice
  1. It clarifies the whole intentions and situation of the sender party to the recipient. He is cleared that if nothing goes according to the sender then the suit can be filed against him in the Court in no time.
  1. Another importance of a Legal Notice by an advocate gives the opposite party a second chance to amend their fault.
  1. Many people consider it as a reminder also to the opposite party about the mistakes that they have committed.

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Court Notice

Importance of Court Notice
  1. A Court Notice shows that the case has been already filed in Court and the judges will be sitting to hear the whole matter. Both the parties’ presence is compulsory.
  1. A Court Notice holds the details of the Court and hearing date. So the parties are aware when to be present at the Court for the Court round.

Is it Mandatory to Accept Court Notice?

Not accepting the Court Notice will be considered as calling your own trouble. Since it is taken as valid that the allegations put on the aggrieved party are correct. Even though they are not wrong, the party would be in no position to clarify the judgements if they do not accept the Court Notice and go along with the proceedings in order to clear their name.

Same with the Legal Notice also but not accepting it will not do much of a harm to the party but it is better to reply in order to collect evidence to prove your innocence in front of the Court of Law.

After sending Legal Notice in India the next step is to proceed with the Court process. If no response comes from the other party. It means that  the other party isn’t ready for the settlement and wants to neglect it then the sender can file the case in the Court and move forward with the other procedure. 


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