Legal Notice Drafting

Legal Notice Drafting | How To Draft A Legal Notice?

Legal Notice Drafting

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In the modern world, it is crucial to have a structure in place for effectively resolving any potential Legal difficulties. This is why it’s crucial to be informed of the various methods in India for sending Legal Notices. The three most popular ways to deliver Legal Notices in India are shown below. Let’s get in and learn how someone can draft a legal notice.

Well it is not possible for a layman to draft a Legal Notice without the Legal knowledge about the particular Document. The Legal Notice is only drafted by the Advocates because it is prepared on the Advocates Letterhead. A well drafted Legal Notice has a significant effect on the outcome of the ongoing dispute and Legal proceedings. Legal Notice needs to be drafted in detail with every information concerning the case & it has a format for it. An Advocate familiar with law & order can only draft it for you because it also needs the Advocates stamp on every page of it.

Cases Related to Civil Disputes are Covered under Legal Notice.

Cases related to Civil disputes are covered under Legal Notice. For example, If there is a case related to theft or company inner dispute between employee & employer then in such cases Legal Notices can be sent Or if a Landlord want his tenant to vacate his property but tenant denying the same then he can send his a legal notice to vacate rental property. But on the other hand if there is a case related to murder then a direct FIR is filed. Legal Notice serves as warning to the other party to settle down the matter beforehand so here in murder a person won’t be giving a warning to the culprit isn’t it? So drafting of Legal Notice is only done for the Cases related to Civil disputes.

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Drafting of Notice is an essential part of the case. The Names, addresses of both the Sender and the receivers. Plus the case should be written in an elaborated form where every detail should be mentioned and nothing should be missed out because it can fire back later, the remedy should also be mentioned as to how the recipient can compensate and the time period. The language written in the Legal Notice by advocate should be clear & unambiguous and nothing offensive should be mentioned.

The cost of Legal Notice India depends on the mode you are sending. The cost can be zero too if you choose to send it via email or Whatsapp. By Registered AD the cost can come around 1200/- to 2000/- approx also it depends on the distance of the recipient address.

Also the cost of the Legal Notice depends on the importance of the case and the attorney. As websites typically have a strong panel of attorneys, offline notice fees are typically more expensive than online notice drafting. The civil nature of the matter and the advocate who is creating the notice are the elements that inherently justify the Legal Notice charges that you are compelled to pay, regardless of the form in which you choose to construct your lawyer notice.

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Legal Notice is mandatory to be made on the Advocates Letterhead & Advocates Signatures are important

Absolutely No! Already mentioned above that a Legal Notice is mandatory to be made on the Advocates Letterhead and Advocates Signatures are very important. It will be considered invalid if there is no signature and stamp of the concerned Advocate.Writing a Legal Notice is no joke. It is a crucial Document which serves as a proof in the eyes of law. A well drafted Legal Notice by an advocate has much more weightage.

There is no set limit. You can send Legal Notice as many times as you want but if you have already sent a Legal Notice priorly and the recipient has given no reply to Legal Notice sent by you then there is no point to send Legal Notice multiple times. It can be considered as harassment or abuse. It won’t be worth it.

After drafting a Legal Notice now you are required to send it so the most commonly used modes to send Legal Notice are:

  1. Whatsapp: By Supreme Court it has been Legalised to send an advocate notice via Whatsapp because it has been declared that it is an end-to-end encrypted application which maintains the privacy between the sender and receiver top notch!
  2. Email: Now old method but still in usage because of its authenticity and reliability. In Emails too you are required to put in the receiver’s Email ID to send it. And it goes directly to the receiver’s mail only. If you want any other trustable person to know about it then you can even add them in the mail and send it. No fraud or scamming and everything secured.
  3. Registered AD: This simply serves as a method of sending Legal Notice. A postal item is labeled as Registered Post with Acknowledgement Due if the sender requires a receipt confirmation or evidence of delivery from the recipient or his representative.


Drafting of notice is a prime step in formal Legal communication. Ensure that every detail in the Legal Notice should be clear and accurate with no compromise in the Legal standards and terms. A well drafted Notice has always been a game changer because the impact it throws in front of the law.Gives a huge benefit to the party. Legal Notice with poor information and lack of knowledge will only take you to your loss. So take time before choosing your drafting partner. Reliability and affordability recommends only Edrafter!

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