Create Shop Rent Agreement Online

How to Make a Shop Rent Agreement Online?

Create Shop Rent Agreement Online

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Shop Rent Agreement are majorly made by the Vendors who are into buying and selling occupations. They Rent out a feasible place according to their target market and to occupy that particular place they are required to prepare a Rent Agreement for the shop. The Agreement is meant to be a written one with all the clauses elaborately mentioned in it which both the parties agreed upon. A Rental shop can be a whole building such as a warehouse, a small office type, an independent shop etc.

Do I need a Rent Agreement for the Shop?

If you are a Vendor who is looking for a Shop where you can set up and start working with your business then it is mandatory to get yourself a commercial Rent Agreement made because it is against law to occupy someone else’s place for your own benefit. You are required to take permission and talk it out with the owner of that particular cubical place. And having a Rent Agreement for the shop becomes important because the Rent Agreement of the shop shows that both parties have agreed on those clauses. The Owner has willingly Rented out that shop to the tenant for his use. The owner can add on the commercial Rent Agreement rules in it as well.

What Documents do I need for a Shop Rent Agreement?

The Documents required for a Rent Agreement for commercial shop are as follows:

required documents for Shop Rent Agreenetn
  • Aadhaar cards belong to both sides.
  • passport-sized pictures of each individual.
  • Identity Documents (such as a voter ID card or driver’s license)

How to create a shop Rent Agreement online?

The procedure of creating a Commercial Rent Agreement is similar to a Rented property which you can easily get it make it through our website, the steps are as follows:

  • Visit our website,, to access a variety of alternatives, including online forms for affidavits, Rent Agreements, name changes, and Stamp paper. You will be taken to the Rent Agreement page when you click on the Rental Agreement.
  • There are two choices available to you on the Rent Agreement page. Choose the kind of Rental Agreement you need, such as a “Complete Rental Agreement” or a “Draft of Rental Agreement.”
  • After choosing the type of Rental Agreement, you must now fill out the form with all the required information, including the names of the landlord and tenant, the address of the property, and the terms of the lease.
  • Once the form has been completed, go over every element to make sure that all of the terms and conditions are accurately reflected in your Rental Agreement. If you need to make any adjustments, you may easily edit the details simultaneously.
  • When everything is up to par, add items to your cart, choose the kind of scanning and shipping service you require from us, and check out. Select your preferred payment method now and finish the transaction.
  • You will receive a draft through email for approval within two hours of completing payment. You can request revisions to the draft or, if you’re pleased, accept it. Following your consent, we will after processing your Agreement, your order will be delivered to your location.

How much does it Cost to create a Commercial Rent Agreement?

Cost of shop rent agreement

The State determines the pricing everywhere. There are variations in the costs across states. Rent Agreements often include charges ranging from 500 to 1000 rupees, not including other fees.

The first party, who is the owner, is essentially responsible for paying the Rental Agreement’s fees. However, if both sides are in Agreement, they can split the Rent Agreement fees equally.The most common values for Stamp paper used for Rental Agreements are 20, 50, 100, and 500 rupees.

How much Stamp Duty to be Paid for Commercial Rent Agreement?

The Stamp Duty depends State to State. According to our knowledge the Stamp duty on Rent Agreement is 4% of the annual rate plus the deposit, if the Agreement is of less than 1 year.


The Shop Agreement is for the vendors who are more into sale and purchase. Preparing an Online Agreement is much more feasible than going for the Offline process. You can refer to our website for a smooth and fast process plus the delivery at your Shipping address. We prioritize our customer needs first.

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