how it works


We are a company that brings up the new definition of Documentation by providing the reliable services on which people can easily rely on. We understand that in today’s world many of us don’t have time to sweat in a press of people for getting the Documentation services. With our aim to minimize these difficulties to the level of zero, we introduce the company eDrafter. With our precise knowledge and experience we have tried to make the working so easy that even the person with lesser knowledge of technology can operate it easily.

Now let’s have a look at brief detailing of how actually it works:

Visit to our website and choose from the list of the Documents/Services. 
Fill the Details
Give us your Details by filling up the form, designed securely to capture your data.
Review the data provided by you and if satisfied than make payment.
We will draft your Document and send it to your registered e-mail address for your review and approval.
Once the Document gets approved by your side, We will prepare Stamp Paper and will deliver the Documents at your place.
“You can see that how much easy and convenient the process is, it will not only save your time but will save your money too”

How we are saying that our concept saves time and money?

For your clear vision, we are providing the Comparison between the Traditional Process and the Process represented by eDrafter.



 Now from this comparison, you can determine that the process which you were adopting since so long is so Complex and Time Consuming.
But now, there is no need to worry.
Now you have a choice to choose a simple process over a complex one by availing services of: