Minor Name Change Process

How to Change Name Of Minor in India?

Minor Name Change Process

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There are many top reasons to change name for a person. And when it comes to parents for a Minor’s Name Change, They think before keeping it because every parent believes  that ‘ a name has a lot of effect on a child’s life’. Minor have an advantage of changing their name more than twice. Since at an early age it is much an easier process though the process is the same as an adult. They also need to make an affidavit, get an ad published in the newspaper and the Name Change of Minors in gazette also needs to be taken care of. So let’s discuss in more detail below:

Can I Legally Change my Child’s Name in India?

Though the Legal age of changing is said to be 18 but that’s not the case Legally Minor Name Change is done in India. You can Name Change of Minor child as and when you want. No restrictions are put on the individuals who want to change a child’s name. Also keep in mind that for Name Change of Minor the reason should be justified. As India is a diversified country it does not put restrictions on many things and one of them is Name Change of people.

What Age can a Child Change their Name?

As already mentioned above, the Legal age for changing names is 18 and above. For Minors ofcourse it is below 18 but here the case is that parents are responsible to change a child’s name. So age is not a factor. No major Documents are needed for the child and all Documents that are needed are of parents. 

What is the Procedure of Name Change of Minors in India?

The online procedure for Name Change of Minors in India. The steps are as follow:

Steps to Change Name in Gazette

Step 1 Affidavit of Change of Name

You must first create an affidavit for the modification. A neighbourhood notary does it in your city’s district court. The affidavit must specify the new name, the old name, and the rationale for the Name Change together with your private information, such as your father’s and mothers name, home address, etc. By using our service, you can also generate an online Name Change affidavit. On your behalf, we will draft an affidavit and hand-deliver it to your door. Therefore, there is no need to run and deal with the crowds’ pressure.

Step 2: Publication in Newspapers

Newspaper Publication for Change of Name is the second step in the Name Change process after the first. Publicise the advertisement in at least two local prominent newspapers in the state, preferably one in the applicant’s native language and one in English, and keep at least 4-5 original copies of each newspaper.

Step 3 Publication in the Indian Official Gazette

The publication of the Name Change through gazette is the next and final stage in the Name Change process. Writing the Application, a DD for the necessary money, and the list of required Documents allowed for the publication of the notification in the Central Gazette of India.

How much does it Cost to Change the Name of a Minor in India?

Though when it comes to costing the charges are labelled accordingly the State factor does not work here. For example, in general the Gazette charges 1700 for Minors, and whatever the service you are opting for offline and online there charges are counted differently. So mainly the Name Change process basically comes under a package which the individuals have to opt for.

What is the Affidavit for the Name Change of a Minor child?

As you might already know that affidavit means a self declaration to the world that you are changing this thing to so and so. Now the affidavit for Minors shows that the change child’s last name or Legal Name Change of the Minor is done. Then after making the affidavit the rest is the Name Change procedure that needs to be followed.


By both the method online and offline you can get a Minor Name Change in the gazette. Although the steps to apply for a Legal Name Change may appear straightforward, they can be complicated and call for Legal expertise.But the online option has always been feasible since you do not have to waste your time and money. Everything comes at your doorstep with one call away.

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