How Many Times Can I Legally Change My Name In India

How Many Times Can I Legally Change My Name In India?

How Many Times Can I Legally Change My Name In India

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Ok so we have discussed many times that we do not need a time to change name. You do not like it, change it. Straight that is. But how many times can you change names in India? This is also something that should kept in notice, if you changing your name then what are the number of chances a person has where he can get his name redo. And is the same process used or not? Keep on reading and you will find it soon!

What is the Rule for Name Change in India?

There are no set rules. You are supposed to follow the procedure of Name Change accurately because if something goes wrong your Name Change process will be canceled by the Gazette. Such as if any of the Documents is missing or any of them is not attested then it will get canceled. The time it takes to change the name is approximately 2 months. Usually it depends on the gazette how much they take time since the process is long.

Is it Difficult to Change Names in India?

Is it difficult to change names in India

We won’t say it is difficult but you need a lot of patience since it is a lengthy process. And it takes time to change. It may happen within a week or it may take months. Difficulty arises when you miss out something important from your end and it gets canceled. 

How Many Times can you Change your Name in India?

Well now is the time for main question. That how many number of times to change name in India. So the answer to this as many times you want. Becuase there are situations where you might have to change your surname after marriage or changing the whole name. For example, after taking Divorce consultation, you get divorce so you might have to change from your husband’s surname to your parents surname. So the Government of India has allowed the people as many times to change names in India.

What is the total Cost of Changing Name in India?

Since it is a long process. So the cost to change the name depends on the gazette. There some fixed charges of gazette which:

Cost of Changing name in India

Gazette fees Structure: 

  1. 1100 – Name Change 
  2. 1400 – name correction
  3. 1700 – Name Change minor 
  4. 1350 – Name Change after marriage

Who is not Allowed to Change their Name?

There are various reasons to change the name in India but If someone is wanting to change his or her name in order to do any kind of fraudulent activity then it is not possible for them. Because when you raise a request for Name Change then you are asked to give the reason that you are getting your Name Changed. People try to scam others by taking others’ identities, or wanting to get rid of some kind of debt. You are also not allowed to change your name to a curse word or any kind of obscene word or to a word which might affect others right.   


Though the Name Change service seems easy and simple, it is a prolonged and time taking procedure. From the affidavit to gazette notification. Also, the number of times to change names in India may be infinite but getting it done may not be easy. That is why eDrafter has brought this easy way where our team will assist you from the starting till the end.

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