How To Change Religion In India

Religion Change in India – Possibility, Consideration & Process

How To Change Religion In India

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Religion is a bit of a sensitive topic, right? The Change of religion is indeed a huge step an individual takes in his life. Converting your religion simply means you are accepting the customs and rituals of the other religion. Reasons can be plenty such as free will, martial conversion, due to belief, deathbed conversion and also forced conversion etc. Let’s discuss the process and the documents what all is needed to get your Religion Changed. Let’s dig in.

Is it ok to change Religion in India?

There are no set laws regarding this. A country with diverse culture and languages. Changing one’s religion in India is a personal choice and protected as a fundamental right under the Indian Constitution. But there are still some places where Change of religion in India can bring havoc in societies and communities. It has always been a sensitive issue for the general public.

Is it possible to change your Religion in India?

You Can Change Religion In India

There is nothing impossible in India actually. With the enthusiastic public nothing goes wrong so if you want to get a change of name and religion. You can get it done with a little bit of guidance since the government has made changes to religion law.

What happens if you change Religions?

According to my research and knowledge, the after effects of changing religion in India might not be that merry. Especially in Hinduism and Islam, people are not allowed to inherit any kind of property if they get their name and religion changed. The rigidity they have for their religion is unexplainable. There are many more after effects which are harsher than this. 

What documents do I need to change for Religion Change?

Documents Required Religion Change In India

The document the an individual would be needing for Change of religion in india are: 

  • Pan Card, Driving License, Passport, Aadhar Card, or Voter ID are acceptable forms of identification. 
  • Address evidence is provided by an Aadhar Card, Ration Card, or Electricity Bill.

Application Form – A properly filled-out application form containing the old and new religions’ full names, addresses, contact information, and explanations for the change in religion.

How to Change Religion in India?

The legal procedure for religion conversion in india is not very lengthy. Here is the way of Change of religion in India are:


  • The Change of Religion in hindu law there is no formal conversion procedure or religious ceremony to practice or convert to Hinduism. 
  • Only studying the texts and adhering to the religion’s laws and practices require one to have the will and commitment to do so.
  • In India, you can go to a neighbouring Arya Samaj temple and express your desire to become a Hindu, at which point they would give you a certificate proving your conversion.
  • The application form must be submitted with this certificate of religious conversion in order for it to be published in the official Government Gazette.




        • To convert to Islam, one must go to a mosque in the area and perform the Shahada in front of a Maulvi and two witnesses.
        • After the Shahada has been performed, the Maulvi will issue a Religion Change certificate—known as a Shahada certificate—on the mosque’s letterhead.
        • The date and information about the witnesses present are included in this paper.
        • The individual can begin practicing Islam as soon as they acquire their conversion certificate.
        • The application form must be submitted with this certificate of religious conversion in order for it to be published in the official Government Gazette.


                • When a person visits a church to change their religion, a baptism ritual is carried out.
                • The individual would receive a new Christian name and a document from the church proving their new religion. 
                • The application form must be submitted with this certificate of religious conversion in order for it to be published in the official Government Gazette.

                    Process of Religion Change in your documents


                    You need to prepare an affidavit for Change of religion to make a declaration to the world about your Religion Change in India. This document will ensure that the religion of the person has been changed legally. 

                    Advertisement in Newspaper

                    Now publish an advertisement in a regional or national newspaper to guarantee that the public will not oppose. The newspaper must provide all pertinent information, including the applicant’s name, residence, and age.

                    Gazette notification for Change of religion

                    The last step of getting your Change of religion and name is to change religion in gazette notification. The information provided in the application is validated when the applicant submits the form for the gazette notification. If the information is confirmed to be accurate, the change in the person’s religion is announced in the gazette. It can take up to 60 business days after the specified processes are finished for the advertisement to appear in the newspaper.

                    For all these steps you can rely on eDrafter as we have a team of experts in Name change who will prepare all your name change documents including Name change affidavit and final documents. Also we will publish the name change publication in Newspaper for you. You just need to personally submit or courier the final documents to the Gazette as Gazette doesn’t allow anyone to submit the document on Applicant behalf.

                    General Steps when considering Changing Religion 

                    If you are considering changing your religion, here are some general steps to guide you through the process keeping all the religion in mind:

                    • Take time to reflect on your beliefs and values and understand the tenets and practices of the religion you wish to convert to. Research various religions, their rituals, customs, and doctrines to make an informed decision.
                    • Connect with individuals from the religious community you are interested in joining. Attend religious services, meet with religious leaders, or engage in discussions with knowledgeable individuals who can provide insights into the religion you wish to embrace.
                    • Changing one’s religion can be a sensitive matter, particularly in India where religious diversity is significant. It is advisable to have open and honest conversations with your family and close friends to explain your decision and seek their understanding and support.
                    • If possible, find a mentor or religious leader from the community you wish to join. They can guide you through the conversion process, provide religious education, and help you understand the rituals and practices associated with the religion.
                    • The process of formal conversion varies depending on the religion you are embracing. For example, if you wish to convert to Islam, you may need to recite the Shahada in front of witnesses, while converting to Christianity may involve baptism. Consult with religious leaders or institutions to understand the specific procedures and requirements for conversion.
                    • After converting, you may need to update your official documents, such as your identification cards, to reflect your new religious affiliation. Contact the relevant government authorities or agencies to understand the process and requirements for updating your records.

                              Remember, religious conversion is a personal journey, and it is important to respect and understand the beliefs of others while making your own choices.


                              With the advance of technology the Change of religion can be done by Online means too. There are Online websites who provide these legal services for not only Change of religion but also change of name service. It is also advisable to consult with legal professionals to understand any legal implications or requirements associated with changing your religion in India.

                              Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

                              What are the consequences of a Change of religion after marriage?

                              The consequences are strict. Suppose you want to Change of religion for second marriage but the groom already has a wife so first the groom requires to dissolve his first marriage in order to make his second marriage legal.

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