Name Change After Marriage Affidavit

How to Create Name Change after Marriage Affidavit?

Name Change After Marriage Affidavit

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In a multicultural nation like ours, various cultures and traditions come together and display bright hues. Indian women have a long-standing practice and habit of changing their last name, maiden name, or both after Marriage to symbolize a new identity and the start of a new life. Women who choose to change their names typically take on the family name of their husband. As part of the ceremonies surrounding Marriage, the husband may rename his bride (first and last) in some communities, such as the Sindhis. If you want to change your name then getting it done through Legal name change procedure is important.

Why do I need an Affidavit for Name Change after Marriage?

Affidavit is the very first Document that you have to prepare. Affidavit is a sworn statement or declaration that shows that you have declared to the public that you have changed your name or surname. Affidavits are not only used when you change your name but for everything you buy or sell you can declare it through an Affidavit. For example, If you have bought a house or a new car then you are required to prepare an Affidavit for that too.

What Documents do I need for Name Change after Marriage Affidavit?

The Documents required for Name Change after Marriage Affidavit are:

Requirements for Name Change After Marriage Affidavit
  • ID proofs (Aadhaar card,Driving license, Pan Card)
  • Signature

How to Create an Affidavit for Name Change after Marriage?

The creation is just a few minutes of work. You can make it through our website. The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Go to our website
  • Step 2: In the ‘Services’ section you will see ‘Name Change’.
  • Step 3: You will be required fill up the form for your Affidavit.The Affidavit for Name Change is made on a notarized Stamp Paper on which the details are mentioned such as if the Name Change is there then old and new name will be mentioned else if spelling mistake is there means name correction then that particular reasons will be penned down. But getting it made on a Stamp Paper is important.

How much does it Cost to Create the Name Change Affidavit?

The costing depends on where you are getting it made. Though originally there are two ways of creating the Affidavit for Name Change after Marriage through online and offline methods. Offline method is costly and time consuming while if you create it through online websites you will get it at a very reasonable pricing. The service of Name Change does take time because after the final papers are made the rest procedure is done by the gazette.

Do I need Stamp Paper for Affidavit for Name Change after Marriage?

Every Legal Document is executed on a Stamp Paper only. Without Stamp Paper the Documents are not considered as valid. As you already know, when you change your name after marriage then you need to create an Affidavit on a Stamp Paper for Name Change after Marriage. It is the Legal procedure through which the Affidavit is to be made on a Stamp Paper on whatever denomination is for you to decide.

Is an Affidavit enough for Name Change?

Absolutely no, the Affidavit for Name Change is the first step of the whole process. But getting the whole procedure done is not compulsory in many cases. Everything depends upon the requirements of the person. For example, if an individual is creating an Affidavit for Name Change in passport then he is not required to do it through gazette. Simply publishing it in the newspaper is enough but if the surname Change Affidavit is made then a gazette process is also required.


Now as you already know so much about Affidavit for Name Change after Marriage so you may also know how helpful eDrafter is. We provide the full package service of the Name Change. At a very reasonable price and full commitment to our customers. From creating the Affidavit till publishing in the gazette we will guide our customers till the end.

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