Top reason for name change in India

Top Reasons for Name Change in India

Top reason for name change in India

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The youth nowadays want to change their name out of fashion. This trend of changing names has been ruptured for a long time in society. Though there are tons of reason for name change but style never gets old. Using a name without getting it processed legally will not be considered as your legally approved name. There is a whole lot of process that you are supposed to go through. Along with this, there are ample reasons for name change in India too. What we will be discussing below:

What are the Top Reasons for Name Change in India?

For every name change, there is a reason behind it. As we categorize people by age, we can put their reasons into categories too. So let’s do it!

Reason for Minor Name Change

Reasons For Minor Name change

The valid reasons for child name change are:

  1. Parents’ choice: Ha! What matters the most in India is ‘parents’ choice’ whether it is liked by the child or not. Sad truth. We are supposed to accept the given names by our parents. Though they always come up with the most astonishing and unique ones. And that makes it a good reason to change the name.
  1. Go with the Trend: The Minors are at an age where they get easily attracted to what’s trending. It can be a clothing style to adding your pronouns on your Instagram bio. So, this trend of keeping your nickname as your first name spread easily too! Which is also a major reason for name change of Minor. 
  1. Superstitions: Till date, there are scenes in which people are changing their children’s names due to superstitions. A real-life example, parents keep their child’s name starting with alphabet A in the belief that he would come first in everything in his life and went so wrong by the way.

Reasons for Name Change after Marriage

Reasons For After Marriage Name Change
  1. Brides Surname: After marriage, every bride either changes surname after marriage or adds to her name. Though it is not a compulsion to keep the surname due to traditional rituals in India. There are still some places where families believe in their historic ethics and are not ready to embrace the new customs. It makes a good reason for change of name after marriage
  1. Divorce: Another reason for name change after marriage is If the couple is divorced then now generally the females get back their old identity and add up their maiden surname back or drop their husband’s surname from their identity.

General Name Change Reason in India

General Reasons For Name Change
  1. Changing Gender: A good reason for name change is when you have changed your gender only. You want to have a completely new identity of yours in front of the world. So you have valid reasons for name change.
  1. Religion: Different religions have different ways of keeping names according to the birth chart and religious conversion is highly popular. So with a new religion, you ought to have an appropriate name according to it. Since India is a diversified country with numerous religions and communities. Everyone has the freedom of choosing their religion and follow it.
  1. Astrology & Numerology: Astrology & numerology are interesting which makes people more and more engulfed in it. They start relating their lives to it. Which makes a huge impact which turns out a psychological reason for changing your name. Even the big hits believe and have changed their real names. For example, Amitabh Bachchan changed his real name which was Amitabh Srivastav cause his first film was a flop. So he thought of changing his name
  1. People with the Same Name create confusion: So this is also a good reason for name change. For example, Kiara Advanis’ real name was Alia so not wanting to get confused either for or for her fans she changed her name for professional reasons. And also to keep her identity separate from Alia Bhatt. This actually happens with many and just to save their own identity they would change name. 
  2. Gender change: There are people who like to keep names cause they love the way that name sounds unlike to their gender. For example: name Ashwani both the genders can keep. Their is no male or female in that. It also comply that when an individual is changing their gender then accordinly they change their name also.
  3. Name might be difficult or awkward to pronounce: Their might be a reason that when someone spells out your name it might sound awkard or wrong so individual tend to change name in such circumstances.   

 What Documents do I need for Name Change?

Changing your name for professional reasons so the documents you will be needing are:

  1. ID proof of your old name.
  2. Signatures
  3. And your Aadhaar Card.

How can I Change my Name in India?

While we discussed legal reasons to change your last name or name change. Now we will be discussing the steps you can get your name changed:

  • Get a Change of Name Affidavit. You need to pen down the reasons for name change application. 
  • Get your Ad of change of name to publish in 2 newspapers.
  • The publication of the change of name in the Gazette of India is the last step in the name change procedure.


There might be other reasons for change name in India which might not be listed here. But what all or say most top-notch name change causes have been discussed above. Along with the steps on how you can change the name if you are looking for an absolute solution.

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