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              HOW IT WORKS?

              STEP 1- Fill the Form & Make Payment.

              STEP 2- We will draft your Name Change Affidavit and send it to your e-mail address for your Review & Approval.

              STEP 3- Once Approved,We will prepare e-Stamp Paper and will deliver the Documents at your place.

              Frequently Asked Questions

              Why name change affidavit is required for name change?

              There are various reasons of changing the name such as Marriage, Gender change, personal preference, etc but before you get the new identity you need a Name change affidavit. It provides a legal record that you can use to update you identityin various documents such as driving license, passport, etc.

              How can i get name change affidavit online?

              Getting a name change with is easy. Just fill the form above with required information and complete the payment. That’s it! you’ll get the scan copy of you name change affidavit online in your mail box within 2 hours and hard copy will be delivered with 2-3 day at your doorstep.

              What information should be mentioned in Name change affidavit?

              A Change of name affidavit typically mentioned your current legal name, your desired new name along with the reason for changing the name, your contact details. A name change affidavit also includes your statement affirming that all the information you have provided is true and accurate. It may also include the signature of Notary public.

              Why name change affidavit is required for name change?

              No, Name change affidavit is not enough for changing your name as it is just the first step towards getting the new idetity. After the affidavit, you need newspaper publication and gazette notification for changing and getting the new name.