How to make gap year certificate after 12th

How to Get Gap Year Certificate After 12th Online?

How to make gap year certificate after 12th

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An affidavit for Gap Year after 12th is a declaration issued on non-judicial stamp paper that explains why the candidate wants to take a Gap Year and why they will not be applying for admission to any other programs or universities during that time. Courts, sub-registrar offices, and notary stamp paper.

Is a Gap Year Certificate Necessary?

One of the most important documents needed when students apply to universities after a Gap of one year or more is a Gap Year certificate after 12th. A Gap Year affidavit can help students who want to enroll in classes again after taking a break from school to do so. When writing their Gap affidavits, students must adhere to a specified format. The university may use a different format.

And if you have not submitted the affidavit for Gap Year after 12th so your process of admission will be incomplete though you can submit an undertaking for Gap Year certificate for college admission in place of an affidavit within 15 days.

Format of Gap Year Affidavit-min

Points to be noted in a Gap Certificate after 12th

The following information must be provided by students according to the format of a Gap certificate:

  1. Full name as it appears on official paperwork
  2. Age as stated on the passport
  3. Current address
  4. Most recent educational degree
  5. Name of the organization where the student obtained their degree
  6. Length of the Gap
  7. Reason for the Gap
  8. Name of the college, university, or other establishment to which the applicant is applying.
  9. Date of submission
  10. Endorsement of the candidate

What Documents for Gap Certificate do you need after 12th?

The documents required for Gap certificate are:

  1. (Driver’s license, voter ID, PAN card, and/or Aadhar card)
  2. Transfer Authorization
  3. Statement of authenticity from a previous institution
  4. Evidence of residence
  5. Evidence of nationality
  6. Results of the most recent qualifying exam
  7. Supporting documentation for the Gap

How Can I Make Gap Certificates Online?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Certainly yes, now you can easily get a Gap certificate after 12th or graduation through online portals. Such as eDrafter which provides this service pan India. Since the online method is easier than the offline method where the procedure is tedious and hefty where people are supposed to wait in a long queue for their turns. Now what is the process of affidavit for Gap Year after 12th is as follows:

  1. Visit our Website

    Login to your web browser and type now you will be redirect to our website homepage. Here you will find various options and services that we offer.

  2. Select the Service

    Now in all click on Legal Document then Affidavits and then All Affidavits. Here you will find various Affidavits. Click on “Gap Year Affidavit” under Student Affidavit section.

  3. Fill the form

    Now, you need to fill the form with required details including Name, Address, Gap period details, etc. Once you fill the details, you’ll needed to choose the state and the stamp paper value. Now, save the document and click on “Add to Cart“.

  4. Choose the Scan & Shipping service and Payment

    Once you rediredted to the cart, select the type of scan & shipping service you want from us and proceed to checkout. Now, Choose the payment mode and complete the payment.

Once you made the payment, you are done with the process of making Gap certificate after 12th or graduation.

How much does it Cost for a Gap Certificate for College Admission?

The stamp paper denomination of the Gap Year certificate after graduation generally depends on the State such as 100/-, 300/-, 500/- etc. The common stamp duty that is used for Gap certificates for college admission is 100/-.

How many Years Gap is Accepted?

Not more than a 1 year Gap certificate after 12th is accepted anywhere. For example, India, a country which is known for its strict rules regarding education has set a bar of one year. However, if it is of more than one year then the students are meant to give a particularly valid reason for the Gap period to the university.

Does Gap Year affect College Admissions in India?

Gap Years are welcomed by many universities, but they ought not to be chosen just to strengthen a college application. Make clear connections between your time spent abroad and your academic life when discussing your Gap Year experience on your application.

Do Droppers need a Gap certificate?

Even droppers need to submit a Gap certificate for college admission. If you took a break between your 12th-grade year and your admission year for a bachelor’s degree or between your bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree, it is necessary for college admission. Since it represents the reason why you dropped out or why you took a Gap period after your 12th.


At last a through-Gap Year certificate, a student can enroll himself in foreign universities with the aid of a Gap Year certificate after 12th, which is issued in addition to provisional certificates. Universities might ask applicants to submit the Gap affidavit with their application if, for instance, a student had to drop out of class because they were unable to finish the prerequisites in the allotted period.

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