How to create a Gap year Affidavit Online

How to create a Gap year Affidavit Online?

How to create a Gap year Affidavit Online

The gap year is a taking-off year before joining the college/university. Like, gaps between studies can cause due to many reasons such as due to jobs, due to various exams, and many more.

After the taking off year when the student is willing to take admission in College/University. Then they ask to provide Gap year Affidavit stating the reason for the Gap and also declaring that the Applicant has not taken admission in any other College/University during his/her sabbatical year.

How to Create Gap year Affidavit?

A gap year Affidavit usually need by all the applicants in order to provide to the University. We have seen the hassle for the Students to getting it, so for their convenience we have set up the Online Portal in which the Applicants can get their Affidavit by just sitting at their home.

Have a look How it Works

  • Step 1- Visit our Website and Click on Create Gap Year Affidavit.
  • Step 2 – Fill in the Form, it designed securely to capture the Data.
  • Step 3– Review the Form and if satisfy Make Payment (online)
  • Step 4– We draft your Affidavit and send it to your registered e-mail address for your Review and Approval.
  • Step 5– Once the Affidavit gets approved, We will prepare the relevant e-Stamp Paper for it and deliver it to you.

That’s it! By going through these few Steps, you get your Affidavit at your place.

“We have tried to overcome the Traditional system of getting Legal Documents which consume lots of time as well as money. We hope that you will like the ease of our services”

To Create Gap year Affidavit Kindly proceed to our this Section- Student Affidavit

Wait! Wait! This is not the end of our Blog, We also want to share the Knowledgebase or we can say a Few queries generated by the Students. Kindly have a look-

Ques – If Completed 10+2 in 2016 and now I want to take admission in the College. Can I apply for the same?

Ans by eDrafter – Yes you can. But you have to provide a Gap year Affidavit with relevant Stamp Paper.

Ques Is an Affidavit needed if someone drops the year for getting the Admission to the University?

Ans by eDrafter Yes, it’s mandatory to present Gap year Affidavit pertaining reasons about the gap year and to provide it as a valid one by affixing the Stamp paper with it or Sometimes it also depends upon the University and on their Rules & Regulations.

Ques Is it necessary to provide Gap year Affidavit for the Gap year or we can also provide other relevant Document as a proof of our gap year?

Ans by eDrafter – It’s depend on the College/University. If they ask to provide the Gap Year Affidavit then it is mandatory to present the Affidavit as the Gap Year Affidavit states the reason for the gap period which is required in order to take the admission.

Ques – Is there any website who provide Gap year Affidavit?

Ans by eDrafter – Maybe we are the right one to answer this, yes you can get your Affidavit by just sitting at your home. For more info Kindly have a look at our Online Portal-

Ques – What are the Reasons which consider as a valid one for Gap year?

Ans by eDrafter – The Reasons which consider to be valid are –

  • Gap due to Job.
  • Gap due to preparing various Competitive exams.
  • Gap due to Illness.

And many more…

So these few queries generated by the Student, we hope that this questionnaire will act as a decision-maker for you to decide whether you fit in the concept of Gap year Affidavit or not. 

Thanks for giving your precious time on our Blog.

Have a Good Day!

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