Gap Year Affidavit for NEET

Is Gap Certificate Required for NEET?

Gap Year Affidavit for NEET

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Due to some uncertainties you skipped a few years of your education and now you want to continue with your NEET preparation but you’re clueless how and where to start. Even if you know that you will be needing a Gap Certificate for NEET then too from where you will acquire it is a question in itself? Everyone knows that a Gap year Certificate or any other Legal Document acquiring it offline is like a rollercoaster means going back and forth the same number of offices to offices. Then why not try out Online procedure where setting foot outside your home is not needed. Let us go through in detail below:

What is a Gap Certificate for NEET?

Drop year meaning is as follows if a student has taken a break or drop from his/her education for quite some time then he/she urges to re-start again then where the student is resuming his/her education then he/she would be requiring a Gap Certificate for submitting in that institution. The Certificate includes the Gap year reasons why the student couldn’t continue the education and is resuming now.

Is it Required to have a Gap Affidavit for NEET?

When we talk about Gap Certificate then it is frustrating about all the loathsome process that an individual has to go through. The only question which comes to our minds is why is it even required? So the simple answer to this is that while going through the process you will be needing the Gap Affidavit for NEET during your NEET counseling. While applying for it you are required to submit the Gap Certificate for NEET because it has all relevant details regarding the student and the reason why he/she took a Gap break in between.

Why is the NEET Gap Certificate important?

The importance of the Gap Certificate is high because the Gap year Certificate holds the vital information of the student who took the break from his/her education. The reason why he/she took the Gap year between their studies. An educational institution asks for the valid reason for the Gap in the form of Gap Year Affidavit and Certificate. Then only the students are allowed in that respective college. Though some of the institutions do not take this process seriously, the elite colleges and schools work according to the legit procedure.

What Documents do I Need to get a Gap year Certificate for NEET?

When you are sitting to apply for a Gap year Certificate for NEET then there are certain Documents that are required to be submitted. So the Document required for Gap Certificate are as follows:

Documents required for GAP Year Affidavit for NEET
  1. ID proof (aadhaar card/pan card/ Voter ID/ Driving license)
  2. Class 10th & 12th marksheet also if you have a recent passing year marksheet so attach that also.
  3. Citizenship evidence.
  4. Address proof
  5. Gap year reasons.

How to get a Gap Certificate for NEET?

You can procure this Certificate for NEET online as well as offline. But Gap Certificate Online procedure as you all know is much easier and pocket friendly. Since no wastage of time and waiting for turns. Just sit at your home and order through your laptop or systems. The process of acquiring Gap Certificate for NEET droppers is:

  • Step 1: Visit the website
  • Step 2: On the Homepage of the website you will have the option of ‘Legal Documents’ where you will find the ‘All Affidavits’ option.
  • Step 3: Click ‘All Affidavits’ then you will redirect on the Affidavits page where all the Affidavits provided by us will be visible. 
  • Step 4: Click on the option ‘Gap Year Affidavit’ then a form will be popped up. 
  • Step 5: Fill in the form along with billing details.
  • Step 6: Make the payments and that’s it. 

Your order will be placed and within 2-3 working days you will receive your Gap Affidavit for NEET hard copy and the Gap Certificate for NEET pdf will be delivered within 2 hrs from the time you placed the order.

How much does it Cost to get a NEET Gap Certificate?

How much dose it cost to create a Gap year affidavit for NEET

The costing for Gap Certificate after 12th or category Certificate for NEET is nearly around the price of the stamp duty. The denomination of stamp duty is different in states. So if the Gap Affidavit is made by a Maharashtrian student then the denominations will be 100/- & 500/-.

Do I need Stamp Paper for a NEET Gap Year Certificate?

Whenever you are getting any Legal Document made then it is compulsory to execute it on a stamp paper else wherever you submit it, it will be considered as invalid. Same wise for a student who has taken a Gap then the Gap Certificate for NEET droppers becomes important and executing them on stamp paper is compulsory else the institution will reject it. And you will have to go through with all the troubles.


So by submitting your Gap Certificate for NEET it allows you to make a comeback not only for your NEET examination but if it is not cleared you can go further with your studies too. And creating it online is much more of a convenient way than struggling in a long crowded line. You can simply order it from our website for a hasslefree process drafted by our experts.

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