How To Change Name In Educational Certificates

How To Change Name In Educational Certificates?

How To Change Name In Educational Certificates

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After completing your education, your educational certificates are the end documents you receive. Ask your school or college if there are any special procedures they follow before you start the process to change name in educational certificate.

What if my Name is Different on 10th & 12th class Marksheet?

If you are stuck in such kinda situation then you are not required to make affidavits but only one. All you need to do is allies both the wrong name with the correct name which has to be name change in educational certificates India. Also if you want to change your name in class 12th then to you have to follow the same name change procedure India. Though it is mandatory to switch it before class 10th only that way things are more easier for you. Before embarking on this, you should probably know wether it is possible or not.  

Is it possible to Change Name in the Educational Certificates?

Is it possible to change name in Educational certificate

Yes, it is possible since authentic names are valued. There are people who want perfection in every step so names are the most credential thing that needs to be taken care of. For name change in educational certificates, there is a full-fledged process that you have to follow. The name change procedure takes time in completion. Approx 15 to 30 days it takes for a person to get a name change India. Let us hook into the name change process in india below.

What Documents do you need to Name Change in Educational Certificates? 

For different name change, some specific documents are required. For example, name changes after marriage, you have to submit proof for your marriage. Here name change in educational certificates you have to submit the gazette notification or gazette name change form.

How to Change Name in Educational Certificates in India?

The name change in educational certificates India is below:

Steps to change name in educational certificate

Step 1

Get your name changed in degree certificate affidavit made. If you want to change your name, you must give a justification for doing so. For example, In your 10th marksheet, your name is printed from Akash Kumar to Akash Singh so you can get your affidavit for name correction and change made.

Step 2

The next step is, Newspaper publication for name change, at least two local newspapers, or those that are published where you live, must run the name change announcement. You should simultaneously publish one in an English daily and another in a local magazine. This will help the public become aware of and accept your new name. Additionally, you must always carry copies of the newspaper with you.

Step 3

The name change should then be announced in the official gazette of the state in which you currently reside, for example, the Delhi official gazette if you currently reside in Delhi. To publish your name in the Official Gazette, complete a deed changing name form at the Gazette office. Don’t forget to create multiple copies of whatever publications you produce, then send those copies to the appropriate office to have them published as a gazette notification notifying the public of your desire to change your name.

Step 4

Lastly you are required to send your documents to the secretary of the Department of Commerce and Transport will check your documentation. You must send this to get started. To change the name in all documents that you need to send are:

  1. A letter informing the secretary that you wish to alter your name and requesting permission to do so.
  1. The change in the deed’s name form.
  1. At least two copies of the local newspaper where your name change was announced.
  1. An affidavit copy with an attestation.
  1. A copy of your most recent identifying document (such as a passport, voter ID card, or PAN card).

Then you need to wait for the approval. After getting the secretary’s approval, you must deliver it to the neighborhood gazette office. Additionally, there will be a charge for the office to print it in the newspaper.

How much does it Cost to Change Name in Educational Certificates?

How much does it cost to change name in educational certificate

The cost of name change in educational certificates India varies from state to state. Somewhere it can cost approx 3000 & somewhere it cost you 5000 it all varies from time to time and state to state.


Not only for the name change in educational certificates but on all the other documents you can change the name but in some of the documents there is a time bar. If you get your name change within that particular time period then you might not have to face any penalty charges. For eg. name change in birth certificate, after 21 days the baby is born you will be penalized with an amount of 5 rupees according to the government.

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