Online Rent Agreement in Kolkata

How Can I Get Rent Agreement In Kolkata, West Bengal Online?

Online Rent Agreement in Kolkata

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Kolkata was originally known as Calcutta. A city rich in culture and the seventh largest populous city of India. Compared to cities like Bangalore & Mumbai the cost of living in West Bengal is much easier and merrier. If we focus on renting part of Kolkata then approx 7000/- goes in accommodating a place and in food 5000/- maximum. The rent agreement in Kolkata also does not cost much. Now let us discuss how you can acquire a rent agreement in Kolkata Online:

What points do I need to keep in mind while Drafting the Kolkata Rent Agreement?

Whenever you make a West Bengal rent agreement their points while you draft the agreement. The points are as follows:

  1. Name of both parties.
  2. Rent amount & upsurge in that.
  3. Lock-in period for rent agreement
  4. Permission for pets
  5. Consequenses for late rent payment and overstay
  6. Termination of the agreement.
  7. Tenure, renewal & security should be mentioned in the rent agreement in Kolkata
  8. Other charges such as maintenance are required to be mentioned in the rent agreement in Kolkata, etc.
  9. Amenities are provided in the rented place. 

What are the Required Documents for Online Rent Agreement in Kolkata?

The documents which you will be requiring for the rent agreement in Kolkata are as follow:

Required Documents for Online Rent Agreement in Kolkata
  • Adhaar card of both parties.
  • Passport-size photos of both parties.
  • Identity proofs (Driving licence, voter ID card, etc)

How to get a Rent Agreement Online in Kolkata?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

The process is the same as in other states. So let’s dig into it and find it out what are the steps to get a rent agreement online in Kolkata:

  1. Visit our Rent Agreement page

    Go to our website where you will find various options such as online Stamp Paper, Rent Agreement, Name Change Package, Affidavits, etc. Click on the rental agreement and you will be redirected to the rent agreement page.

  2. Select the Type of Agreement

    On the Rent Agreement page, you will have two options. Select the type of rental agreement you are looking for, such as a “Draft of Rental Agreement” or “Complete Rental Agreement“.

  3. Fill out the form

    Now, once you have selected the type of rental agreement you need to fill out the form with all the necessary details, such as the landlord and tenant name, property address, and the terms of the agreement.

  4. Review the details

    After filling up the form, review all the details to ensure that your rent agreement is acculately recflecting all the terms and conditions. In case of any changes required, you can edit the details at the same time without any hindrance.

  5. Choose the Scan & Shipping service and Payment

    Once all up to the mark, proceed to cart and select the type of scan & shipping service you want from us and proceed to checkout. Now, Choose the payment mode of your own choice and complete the payment.

  6. Draft Approval

    After payment is complete, you will receive a draft within 2 hours via e-mail for your approval. You can ask for changes in the draft or approve if satisfied. After your approval, we will process your agreement and you’ll recieve your order at your place.

These are steps on how you can easily get your online rent agreement in Kolkata while sitting at home.

What is the Cost of a Rent Agreement in Kolkata, West Bengal?

Everywhere the cost depends on the State. Different states have different amounts of costing. Normally the rent agreement Kolkata charges are up to 500/- to 1000/- in between excluding other charges.

The rental agreement charges are basically bear by the one who gets it made, that would be the first party which is the owner. But if both parties have a mutual understanding then both can equally distribute the rent agreement charges.

Even the value of stamp paper for rent agreement in Kolkata is normally 20/-, 50/-, 100/-, and 500/- which most people use. The denomination of stamp duty for rent agreement in west bengal that are not in use is 150/- & 300/-. 

What are the Advantages of Kolkata Rent Agreement?

Not getting a west bengal rent agreement can make things uncertain for you since a Rent agreement gives security. There are advantages that both parties enjoy: 

  1. Both parties enjoy security. A Rent agreement is a legal document that serves as a security guard to both parties. If anyone tries to breach the agreement then the other party can take legal action. 
  2. Experience clarity and transparency between parties are maintained. No cheating can be done since all the clauses are written clearly in the agreement and both parties read them carefully before signing.
  3. Can make changes on the spot if anyone of the parties does not agree with some of the clauses in the agreement. Like this mutual understanding is also created between them.

Do I need to Register my Kolkata Rent Agreement?

If your rent agreement’s tenure is not more than 11 months than you don’t need to get it registered. However, we will recommend you to get your rent agreement registered if it is for more 12 months or more.

Getting rent agreement registered make it enforceable under the law that both landlord and tenant can show in the court if required.

How can a Notary Rent Agreement Validate Kolkata?

Like all other States, in Kolkata also you will be needing your documents to be either notarized or registered. In West Bengal, the notary rent agreement is valid but if your agreement is of more than 11 months then you will need to get it registered. The government has made it a compulsion to register your rent agreement for more than 11 months under the Rental Control Act. Though the owners are required to pay a hefty amount of registration charges.

Also, the registered version of the document holds more power than the notarized one. Hence the notary itself makes it legally valid but getting it registered gives you more of an advantage. The rent agreement registration charges in Kolkata vary from 500/- to 1000/- generally.

Can a Rent Agreement be used as a Lease Agreement kolkata?

In many places people don’t see any difference between lease and rent, they all seem to be the same. But there is a huge difference between them. The main difference is in the length of the contract. So it majorly depends on the person’s requirement if they want a place for a few months or for a long period of time. If it’s for a few months then more precisely they should go with the rent agreement since it is made for a brief period of 11 months mostly. If they require a place for their business for many numbers of years then they need to make a lease agreement. Certainly No, people do not use rent agreements in Kolkata as lease agreements. 


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