Which stamp paper is required for rent agreement

Which Stamp Paper Is Required For Rent Agreement?

Which stamp paper is required for rent agreement

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As now you people might be aware of this fact that ‘no document will be labeled as legal if you don’t get it executed on a Stamp Paper’. Getting Stamp paper for rent agreement is mostly what in demand and for that which stamp paper value is applicable for it let us discuss below:

What is the Value of Stamp Paper for Rent Agreement?

Rent agreement can be of 100 rs stamp paper which is the most commonly used value all over India. A stamp paper is basically an A4 size paper on which the revenue value is printed. These Stamp Papers are usually fixed in value, minimum stamp paper for rent agreement ₹50, and it can maximize up to 1000 stamp value whatever suits best for the buyer’s taste.

Is 100 rs stamp paper valid for rent agreement? 

The answer is simple Yes. As already mentioned above, the 100/-  rent agreement stamp paper value is the most common one used by the people in general. There are rare States where this stamp value is not applicable. This Stamp value is valid only for the Rent Agreement which is not registered; if you’re looking for a Registered Rental Agreement then you have to pay the Stamp duty as per the Rent & Tenure.

You can go through our detailed comparision between Stamp paper vs Notary to understant the difference between these two.

Who should buy Stamp Paper for Rent Agreement?

Stamp paper for rent agreement can be purchased by anyone(tenant) who is going to live on rent or someone(landlord) who is willing to give out the property on Rent. And if a person (tenant) who is already living in a rented property wants to extend his/her agreements tenure. Also one the benefit of having a rent agreement on stamp paper is HRA exemption. You can claim house rent allowance as rent agreement is mendatory for HRA to avail its benefits.

Where to get Stamp Paper for Rental Agreement?

Any nearby Court can provide you with the stamp paper for lease agreement if the buyer wants a hardcopy for that and if the person is more intrigued for Online purchase then he/she can dig into these steps for placing an order at eDrafter: 

  • Step 1 – Visit the given website https://www.edrafter.in 
  • Step 2 – Then click to Buy e-stamp paper.
  • Step 3 – Choose the respective state such as e-Stamp Paper Delhi or what your state is you can choose accordingly.
  • Step 4 – Fill out the form while providing First Party and/or Second Party name; If buying Stamp paper for an Affidavit then you need to mention only First Party name and if buying stamp paper for Agreement then you need to mention First Party & Second party name, the purpose of the Stamp paper like – Rental Agreement, stamp duty & who will pay the stamp duty and after filing & reviewing the details just add the form to cart.
  • Step 5 – Check the details thoroughly and the estimated cost; Choose the type of Scan & Shipment service and then proceed to checkout.
  • Step 6 – Lastly fill out the billing details and payment mode then place your order.

   You can save your time and effort on physical visits. Besides, you can also create rent agreement through our website and you will get your agreement on the stamp paper.

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Should Rent Agreement be Notarized?

Getting your agreement Notarized means giving that document a 100% validity. Though many times it depends on the parties if they are interested in getting their documents notarized or not. The notarised Rent agreement is valid up to 11 months only. If the tenure period is more than 11 months then it is compulsory to get it registered. There are some legal documents which do not require to be notarized but sometimes it also depends where that document needs to be submitted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a stamp paper for a rent agreement cost?

The cost of a stamp paper for a rent agreement varies depending on the state in which you reside. In most states, the cost is based on the value of the rent for the property being leased.

What information is required to be on a stamp paper for a rent agreement?

A rent agreement typically includes information such as the names of the landlord and tenant, the address of the property being leased, the terms of the lease (including the rent amount, security deposit, and lease duration), and any other relevant details.

Is it necessary to register a rent agreement on stamp paper?

In some states, it is mandatory to register a rent agreement on stamp paper. In other states, it is not required but is still recommended as it serves as evidence of the agreement.

Can a rent agreement be made without a stamp paper?

While it is possible to make a rent agreement without a stamp paper, it may not be legally binding and may not hold up in court in case of any disputes. Using a stamp paper is recommended to ensure the agreement is legally valid.

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