Is Marriage Registration Compulsory in India

Is Marriage Registration Compulsory in India?

Is Marriage Registration Compulsory in India

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Taking seven vows of marriage makes you a married couple in the eyes of your families but not in the eyes of law.  Marriage Registration in India

India is a chamber of various religions and castes. And every religion has different cultures with divergent rules which leads to many acts such as the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955, the Muslim Marriage Act of 1939, and many more.

Why Marriage Registration is Important?

Not getting your Marriage Registration done in India can be now problematic for you since there are a number of reasons in the government’s eyes that can be considered controversial regarding the safety of females.

The reasons for getting Marriage Registration in India are:

Basis of distinctionRegistered MarriageUnregistered Marriage
Lawful MarriageIs considered lawful in the eyes of the government & also prevents child marriage since they would have a record. Forceful marriages can take as well as child marriages since they won’t come in the eyes of the law.
PolygamyThe practice of polygamy has come to a halt.This polygamy system will continue to be since the government will know nothing about it.
Safety of WomenA registered marriage in India ensures the safety of women that they are properly getting home and are maintained efficiently. No one would know how the woman is getting treated since the marriage is unregistered so the law is unfamiliar with consequences.  

Is Marriage Registration compulsory in India?

In 2004, Register marriage in India got compulsory, and the very first marriage was registered in Himachal Pradesh, Since the government had started to make progress toward females and ran many abhiyaan such as “Beti bachao beti padhao” like this, they took a step towards the married women.  

The compulsion of Registration of Marriage in India has benefited many women who were divorced without any reason and got forced to marry without their consent. Not only the registration but the age bar has been upgraded by the government. The legal Marriage Registration age in India

for a man to marry is 21 & for a female is 18; below this if a marriage takes place the families will be penalized and legal actions will be taken against them. 

There are Two major Marriage Acts:

The Hindu Marriage Act 1955: If either spouse (husband or wife) has been married before and is still married, they are doomed to be married again. If your spouse belongs to Hindu, Sikh Buddhis,t or jain then they will come under the Hindu Marriage act.

The Special Marriage Act 1939: The marriage will be disapproved if either partner is under the legal age to marry, which is 18 or older for women and 21 or older for men. Muslims, Christians, and Jewish will have to register their marriage under this Act since both acts come under the Marriage Registration procedure slightly divergent.

What Documents are required for Marriage Registration in India?

The documents for Marriage Registration are:

Required Documents For Marriage Registration
  1. Each party’s Adhaar card. or another kind of identification, such as a driver’s license, a bill for electricity, a voter ID card, etc.
  2. Proof of Birthdate
  3. Individual affidavit
  4. Two witnesses (for a marriage under the Special Marriage Act you will need three witnesses.)
  5. A passport-size photo
  6. Home address of the bridegroom
  7. Joint Photograph of the couple at the time of marriage is also required.

Above are the documents needed for Marriage Registration you are a foreigner and have married in India without citizenship then the Registration of Marriage with a foreigner can not be done whereas if they have the citizenship then their aadhaar card and citizenship proof is needed before nri Marriage Registration.

To know to make affidavit for Marriage certificate online, you can go through detaild blog on this perticular topic.

How to do Marriage Registration in India?

In India, Both Offline & online Marriage Registration process are available. Whatever is convenient to you adopt it. The Marriage Registration procedure in India:

Offline Registration of Marriage

The newlyweds are welcome to go to any local sub-registrar where the marriage was solemnized. If one of the partners has lived there for more than six months, it can be done at the sub-registrar office. During a Hindu wedding, the traditions and rituals of both parties may be observed.

Online Registration of Marriage

Everywhere else the online registration marriage process is used, is the more practical method for doing this:

  1. access the official government website of the applicant’s native state.
  2. Go to the website and look for the Marriage Registration form there.
  3. Please fill out the form with the personal information for both parties to the marriage.
  4. Submit the form once it has been filled out.

Who can be Witness for Marriage Registration?

Witness for Marriage Registration

Well in every document whether it is Marriage Registration or any agreement Witness is mandatory. Registration of Marriage in India is where trustworthy ones should be present as a witness. Witnesses are important so that anything happens such as any fraudulent act or misbehavior with any of the party so actions could be easily taken against the wrong person.

How many Witnesses are required for Marriage Registration in India?

The registered marriage rule is minimum of two witnesses (for a marriage under the Special Marriage Act you will need three witnesses.) should be present at the time of Marriage Registration in India. Both bride & groom should also be present there. The witness should be from the same place as they need to bear residential address proof. 

How to check Marriage Registration online in India?

Checking your Online Registration of marriage is not a very headache. You just need to visit the State government website  

  • Click on the link to the Marriage Registration Status page to check;
  • You can view the application’s current status on your device’s screen by entering the application number or acknowledgment number and clicking the Submit button.

Can a Foreigner Register Marriage in India?

India is the one of those countries where two citizenship for 2 countries have been approved. If you are not a citizen of India but you have married here and your citizenship is not here then your marriage cannot be registered in India whereas if you have citizenship then your marriage can be registered with the same Registration procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the fee for registering a marriage in India?

The fees to register a marriage varies from state to state in India. It may cost as little as Rs. 100 or as much as Rs. 1000. The fee is often determined by how long it takes to complete the registration process and issue the marriage certificate.

What is the validity of a marriage certificate in India?

An Indian marriage certificate doesn’t need to be renewed and is valid for life. It can be used to obtain a passport, apply for social security benefits, and apply for a joint loan. It also serves as a legal proof of marriage.

Can a marriage be registered in India if one of the spouses is not an Indian citizen?

It is possible to register a marriage in India even if one of the spouses is not an indian. Marriages between Indian citizens and foreign people may be registered under the Special Marriage Act of 1954.

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