joint affidavit for marriage registration

Joint Affidavit for Marriage Registration


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              Single Affidavit for Marriage Registration

              Sample of Joint Affidavit for Marriage

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              Frequently Asked Questions

              What do you mean by joint affidavit in India?

              A joint affidavit is a affidavit that has a joint statement sworn by the husband and wife after their marriage, mentioning their marriage date, place of marriage and the law in which their marriage is registered. In a joint affidavit, the address and the full name of both parties should also be mentioned.

              Why Joint affidavit for marriage is required?

              A joing affidavit for marriage is a legal document that you can use as your marriage proof for marriage registration. It can also be used for various purposes, such as marriage registration, changing martial status in legal documents, etc.

              Can affidavit be given jointly?

              Yes, an Affidavit can be given jointly as there is no objection in indian law for joining persons ina single affidavit.

              Is joint affidavit legal in India?

              Yes, Joing affidavit are legally valid in India.