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One and the Same Person


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              Sample Affidavit of One and the Same Person

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              frequently asked questions

              What is Affidavit of One and the Same Person?

              One and the Same person Affidavit is used when the person is having different Names at various Documents and he/she want some proof in order to submit that all the Names belong to One and the Same person and reason behind different Names.

              Lets take an example to provide you the definition of One and Same Person Affidavit:

              A person named Rakesh Sharma has few documents in a name Rakesh Sharma and few documents as a Rakesh K Sharma, so what he did is he draft the One and Same Person Affidavit on a Stamp Paper stating that both the names i.e Rakesh Sharma and Rakesh K Sharma belongs to one and the same person and he make the Affidavit sealed and signed by the Notary Public affirming that the content of his affidavit is true and nothing has been concealed.

              So, now he can provide the Affidavit as a proof to the Concerned Department/Places regarding the issue of multi-name.


              What are the purposes of One and the Same person Affidavit?

              The One and same person Affidavit can be use to serve different purposes and can be act as like –

              • Affidavit for Name Mismatch.
              • Same Person Affidavit.
              • Same Name Affidavit.
              • Name Confirmation Affidavit.

              If you want the Affidavit for Change of Name, then you may refer our this section –

              What are the points to be include while drafting the One and Same Person Affidavit?

              The Following are the necessary points should be include while drafting Affidavit :

              • Real Name of Applicant/Deponent.
              • Address of which the Applicant is making Affidavit.
              • Name Mentioned in Document and Name of Document
              • Declaration of true Statements.
              Can we mention more then 2 names in the Affidavit?

              Yes of course, you can mention all the Names that has been mentioned in the Documents just to make a solid Declaration that all these Names belong to one and the same person i.e. myself.

              Do I get the fully drafted Affidavit from eDrafter?

              Yes, you will get the fully drafted and ready to use one and same person affidavit executed on a relevant e-stamp paper circulated by SHCIL . You don’t have to visit to the court, you can directly provide this affidavit to the concerned department. It will be legally valid.