How to get anti ragging affidavit online-min

How To Get Anti Ragging Affidavit Online?

How to get anti ragging affidavit online-min

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Have you ever been bullied in your college years? So you must be aware of the fact that Ragging is the practice of assaulting someone’s mind, body, or emotions. The target of the bullies are mainly the innocents who cannot take a stand for themselves. The cases mainly emerge from the colleges. The children in their adolescence tend to think that bullying people is some kinda cool thing but they forget that those who are being bullied can go into depression or even worse.

Due to the sudden surge in the cases where people were getting bullied. The government came to a halt and took notice of the situation. It became a rule in every college & school to fill in the Anti ragging affidavit by the students and submit it. Let’s discuss, where and how to get an Anti Ragging Affidavit Online.

What is an Anti Ragging Affidavit?

The contents in the Anti ragging affidavit is that the student pledges that he/she will not be ragging any of the other students, however if caught taking ragging of someone then he/she will take responsibility for any mishappening plus will be punished severely.

Ragging is now viewed as a crime. Even the Anti ragging affidavit by parents are also being submitted to the colleges & school.

What is Anti Ragging Certificate?

Anti ragging certificate is mainly the anti ragging form or affidavit we are talking about here. Now students don’t take pains to go over to the office/court to get it made; they prefer Online anti ragging affidavit now. Ordering has always been easy and getting you anti ragging certificate online now what all a person can ask for?

How to get Anti Ragging Affidavit online?

The process to make an Anti ragging affidavit online is simple:

  • Step 1: Go to the and click on the “All Affidavits” on the homepage.
  • Step 2: Select the Anti Ragging Affidavit you are looking for.
  • Step 3: Fill the form with all the necessary details, such as the name of the student, name of the parents, address, university name, etc on the affidavit.
  • Step 4: Review the details to make sure it accurately reflects the terms of the affidavit.
  • Step 5: Once you are satisfied with the details, click on the “Proceed to Payment” button to pay for the service.
  • Step 6: After payment is complete, you will receive a draft of your affidavit in your mail for your approval and it will be processed once you have approved.

How to download Anti Ragging Affidavit?

You must be aware of this after placing the order online for an anti-ragging affidavit online on .You can download an anti-ragging affidavit when you obtain a soft copy of your document in the mail.

Who is Oath commissioner for Anti Ragging Affidavit?

Oath commissioners are in charge of administering and witnessing melancholy affirmations or oaths, which is necessary to preserve the integrity of the legal document and serves as a confirmation that the declaration made under the authority in question is accurate and can therefore be used in accordance with judicial requirements. Simply put, their responsibility is to certify the deponents’ anti ragging affidavits or any kind of affidavits. For any work requiring authenticity and relevance to the subject, the mere presence of oath commissioners is sufficient to give the documents submitted inherent significance. The authenticity of anti ragging certificate has to be checked by the oath commissioner before forwarding for further procedure.

Oath Commissioner vs Notary

Many people get confused between an Oath Commissioner and a Notary so go through the table below to find the major differences between them:

Basis Of DistinctionOath CommissionerNotary
ExperienceA fresher can be recruited as an Oath Commissioner.A person who holds an experience of 10 years can be recruited as Notary.
Appointed byThe Registrar of the relevant High Court, within whose jurisdiction the appointment is to be made, appoints an oath commissioner.In fact, under the Indian Notaries Act, a notary is appointed by the State Government or the Central Government.
JobOnly those affidavits that are going to be presented in court during legal procedures are the ones that an oath commissioner is supposed to certify.A Notary’s job is to attest all the documents regardless of their genre; it can be an agreement, deed or bond etc.

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Why Anti Ragging Affidavit required in College?

Anti ragging undertaking is majorly used as a written oath or declaration where the student accepts responsibility for their conduct. If they are found guilty for any of them or are discovered injuring someone, they will receive a stern warning or, if the situation is too bad, expulsion. The anti ragging certificate also includes that the student will not get involved in any kind of illegal activity.

How to fill up Affidavit form of Anti Ragging?

Let’s us dig into the steps of how to fill up the student anti ragging form at :

STEP 1:  First select your state. Then “Fill in the personal details” such as your name, parents’ details and your home address.

STEP 2: In the Second image you can see here you are required to “fill in the University details”. The details include the name of the university, enrollment number, type of document” you want an undertaking or an affidavit.

STEP 3: At the bottom of the form you will find out the stamp paper amount which you need to choose according to the requirement and if you need the attestation service then tick on that small box. After that “Add to Cart” and make payments.

Note: If you are looking to get an anti ragging affidavit on stamp paper. The same procedure will be applied here by filling the form with the same details as discussed above.

How to get your Online Anti ragging form registered?

Without even getting your Anti ragging undertaking registered your work will be done. Hence, Antiragging registration is not a compulsion.

What stamp paper value should typically be used for an anti-ragging form?

In Delhi 10/- value Stamp Paper is used. Hence it all depends on the University and the State also.

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