How can I officially change my signature?

How Can I Officially Change my Signature?

How can I officially change my signature?

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Just like our name signifies our identity likewise our signature signifies our identity on paper. The papers which are used for legal & crucial work mostly need the signatures of the concerned person else the paperwork will be pointless. It holds so much power, let me help you out with an example, you are interested in a property so for purchasing that property you are needing to prepare a bunch of papers which you all know as contracts and Signatures is a crucial thing that will help to bind both parties into that contract. So scroll down to know how to make a change of signature Affidavit, if you want to change your signature due to multiple reasons:

Is Affidavit required for Signature Change?

It’s not only about the signature but if required to change your name, surname after marriage, etc, it is mandatory to get an Affidavit made. Signatures have always been a crucial part. Suppose you need to make changes to any official document that bears your signature.

In that case, you may need to approach the appropriate authority and explain that you need to make changes to the signature Affidavit that the document already has that you had previously attached, not that you need the old sign and that new signatures should take their place. Indian law does not provide the conditions for alterations in a signature.

What is Signature Affidavit?

A signature is a mark that identifies the person who has it and certifies that it belongs to that person. The term “signature” refers to a mark or name that represents a person’s name. Any kind of signature can be used in various settings and situations. If you think of a change of signature Affidavit is mandatory to make. The new signature must be different and unique so that others can not make a replica of it easily.

As already mentioned above, the government has made no set rules that you are required to change your signature. But then you need to make sure that your signatures must be exactly the same on all other documents. Then only it would be termed as valid. They need proof to know that the signatures belong to the same person. Change of signature Affidavit is the first step.

What signatures you do in the bank is what you are required to do everywhere. The same signatures give authenticity. Change signature officially is no big deal you can get it but there are documents in which it is mandatory to change the bank documents, passport, PAN signature & adhaar signatures. 

What Documents do I need to Change my Signature Legally?

Documents for Change of Signature

The documents you might be needing for the change of signature Affidavit are only the old and new signatures. Now if a person is going to take offline services they will have to go to their near courts to get an Affidavit for signature change. And if they don’t want to rush in long queues for that edrafter itself gives this fantastic service of online Affidavit for change of signature. Now what you people be needing to do is just follow the below steps.

How to Change Signature Officially?

‘How to make the change of signature Affidavit through our portal?’ the steps are easy, which are as follows:

  1. Step 1: First visit the website
  2. Step 2: When you come to the homepage of our website you can see the option of ‘legal documents’. Click on it. 
  3. Step 3: Then you can see all the Affidavits. Click on ‘Change of signature’ under ‘ general signature’.
  4. Step 4: The Affidavit form will pop up. Fill out the complete form. On the right-hand side format of the change of signature Affidavit is shown for preference.  Then click on the option ‘Add to cart’.
  5. Step 5: You will shift to ‘Document cart’ there to recheck your details and select out the service you want. Then move to the billing section.
  6. Step 6: When you switch to the billing section make the payments and that’s done. Your Order is placed!
Change of Signature Affidavit

Can I change my Signature anytime?

Yes, you can change your signature at any time. However, if you want to make the change official and avoid possible legal complications, it is advisable to create an Affidavit for change of signature. A change of signature Affidavit India is a legal document that states your intention to change your signature and provides proof of your new signature. It usually includes your full name, previous signature, unique signature, and date of change. The Affidavit should be signed in the presence of a notary public or other authorized person who can administer an oath. now you can even get it notarized if you are making it online.  

By creating a change of signature Affidavit, you create a clear record of your intention to change your signature, which can be useful for a variety of legal and official purposes. It is essential to keep copies of the Affidavit for future reference and provide them whenever necessary to verify your new signature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does it matter if my signature is different?

It is not a compulsion to use the same signature throughout your life. Though it does matter if, in two different places, there are two different signatures of the same person. It does not count as valid. You need to ensure that in all documents your signature should sync. For eg, in bank papers, while signing Rent agreement, passports, etc

Can a person have more than one signature in India?

No law states that you should keep one signature only. But for your own goodwill, it is better to keep one. You might need to remember your signatures if you have multiple in different documents.

Is there a different change of signature Affidavit format?

For every document, there is a fixed formatting that is made legal to follow. The Format of the Change of Name is different from the Change of Signature Affidavit format. Details of both forms are different. In the Change of Name form, you are concentrating on your actual name that is required to be changed, and in the signature, you are pressuring on the look of your signature.

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