Can I change my Gender on Documents

Can I Change My Gender On Documents?

Can I change my Gender on Documents

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Nevertheless to caste, creed, or religion. Gender change from male to female or vice versa has become legal over the years. An individual feels like not being himself in the gender he/she is born with; they can change it with medical assistance now. But not only physical changes are important to be legally known, they are required of Changing Gender on official documents. In the eyes of the government. The prescribed procedure for Changing Gender on documents will be discussed below:

India being a diversified country with a number of religions and people living together in harmony has legally given freedom to its people to get their gender change if they feel like. But Changing Gender on official documents is necessary so that in real everyone recognizes you with your new identity. Having your old identity in all your legal documents can be troublesome. Since both become different. The way you look and the name on your documents creates confusion and trouble for you and the people around you. The legal process for Changing Gender in official documents is time taking but efficient.

What Documents Do I Need To Change My Gender?

If gender changes from male to female or vice versa you will be needing the same gender change form. Even the documents required for gender change in an Aadhaar card are the same. The Changing Gender official on documents which will be needed are:

Documents Required for Gender Change
  • Two Passport-Size photographs. 
  • ID proofs (Aadhaar Card and Pan Card etc)
  • Gender Conversion Certificate (from the hospital you have got your gender conversion treatment done) 
  • The presence of two witnesses is compulsory.

How To Change Gender In Documents In India?

Now let’s come to the main part of the steps of gender change person in India. Below are the steps of Changing Gender official in documents are:

  • Step 1: Gender Change Affidavit

A declaration has to be made once you are confirmed of your gender transformation. An affidavit is necessary cause it is the first step to declare about your gender change person in India. The Changing Gender on official documents affidavit should be made on the prescribed gender change affidavit format. The information in the affidavit should be the same as in the ID proofs and other documents. It should contain all the necessary information. 

  • Step 2: Publishing Advertisement

After the Affidavit, the second step is Publish an Advertisement in two newspapers one local and the other English whichever you want to. The content in the Advertisement does not differ from the affidavit. 

  • Step 3: Gazette Notification Procedure

The Gazette has it’s own format according to which every procedure of name change is done. In this step, you are required to submit the gender change form along with the necessary documents which are as follows:

  1. Gender or Name Change Affidavit.
  2. ID Proof (Driving License, Aadhaar card, etc)
  3. 2 Passport Size Photographs
  4. Witnesses
  5. Cuttings of the Gender or Name Change Newspaper publication advertisements. 

After the approval on everything it will take maximum of 15 to 30 days for Changing Gender on documents in India process to complete. When the notification is published in the Gazette then the individual receives it through the email. The Gazette notification servers as proof for Changing Gender on official documents later on. 

Note: If the format or information which is submitted comes out defaulted then your request for Changing Gender on documents can be legally rejected. 

Can I Change My Gender In Birth Certificate?

It’s definitely a No. Suppose you were born male and later on you changed your gender to female. In the Birth Certificate, your original gender will only come cause you changed your gender very late when you were almost grown up. So Gender or Name Change in birth certificates is not allowed.


The Changing Gender on official documents are an important thing. It’s an one time process then to Change Gender on documents gets easy since you are required only to fill up the gender change form for that particular document along with the affidavit. You can also apply for the gender change on documents at We will assist you from the start till the end. Just a hassle-free process with minimized cost.

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