Change Name in Birth Certificate

How to Change Name in Birth Certificate in India?

Change Name in Birth Certificate

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The Name chosen at the time of the child’s birth is listed on the hospital slip which is very much temporary and it might get changed later on. As a result, this article will lay out to you how to name chenge on your Birth Certificate, as well as the associated paperwork, fees, and processing time. It will also go through some potential causes for Birth Certificate Name change online.

What is a Birth Certificate?

The first official record that parents should apply for their child is a Birth Certificate, which is quite important. When the child is born then it is the hospital’s duty to get the birth certificate registered & made. The certificate is laid out blank since on the spot many parents do not know what to name their child and sometimes parents already are ready with the names. 

Can we Change Name in the Birth Certificate?

No, you cannot. You can get your name changed on any document but not on the birth certificate. Not liking it then change it! Is what we believe in. There are times and reasons when we feel to change the name. Most probably the number of reasons for name change can be: 

  • Marriage-related changes to the Surname
  • If someone doesn’t like their current Name
  • To prevent pointless difficulties
  • To modify evocative Names
  • Political and religious motivations
  • Divorce
  • Numerical or astrological justifications
  • If a person changes their gender
  • if a person wishes to alter their identity.

What Documents are needed for Online Name change in a Birth Certificate?

The following documents for online Name change or update in the Birth Certificate are:

Documents Required to Change Name in Birth Certificate Online
  • Hospital Slip update a Birth Certificate’s Name
  • Adhaar card of both parents.
  • Hospital Discharge papers.

And for updating the Child’s name you have to visit the Municipal Council office.

How to Change the Name on the Birth Certificate?

As already discussed above Name change in the Birth certificate is merely not possible and when the child is born then the parents just update the Name on the Birth certificate.  

  • Step 1- Visit the Municipal Corporation Office to obtain the “Birth Certificate Update/Correction Form.” 
  • Step 2- To change a name on a birth certificate, an affidavit must be written. Now you can even order it Online. provides that service to make it easier for you people.
  • Step 3- After you have got your affidavit for birth certificate made. Then the next step is to publish ads in newspapers. 2 newspapers one should be English and the other should be a local newspaper. 
  • Step 4- Get your name published in the state’s official newspaper. The Gazette of India has its own norms & format. They do things according to their ethics. The Central Gazette is solely located in Delhi. The State Gazette is the other Gazette Department. Additionally, the announcement published in the Central Gazette carries more weight and authority than the State Gazette.

How much does it Cost to Change the Name on the Birth Certificate?

how much does it cost to change the Name on the Birth Certificate

Different States have different charges. Changing the name in birth certificate can cost you in general around 1700/- approx. Though it also depends on the services that you need a full-service package or documentation package.

If you want to get your Birth Certificate updated then within 21 days 20/- rupee registration fee charge needs to be paid. If it exceeds more than 21 days then you will be liable to pay a late fee amount along with the registration charges. 

How long after a baby is born can you Change Name?

After the baby is born, within approximately 21 days, update the child’s Name on the Birth Certificate. Later you can do it and you might face some problems while changing it such as late fee charges having to be borne by the parents of the child.

Who can change the Name change in Birth Certificate?

Name change can only be done by the child’s parents. The parents are required to fill out the given Birth Certificate Name correction form. The Birth Certificate Name change process does take time since the newspaper publishing for name change and the gazette procedure take time. Approx 15 to 2 months take for the complete process.

How to add a Surname in a Birth Certificate?

The procedure to changing the Name in Birth Certificate and add Surname in Birth Certificate are the same but the documents needed in both procedures vary. The ID proofs of parents are needed in the Birth Certificate and for the Name change the very own person’s ID proofs are needed. This is provided by us in name Addition of name in Birth certificate. Check out this section in case you want to add your surname or middle to your child’s birth certificate.

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