Name Change on Passport

How to Change Name on Passport? | Passport Name Change Process, Documents, Cost, Etc.

Name Change on Passport

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When traveling overseas, a Passport acts as a Mandatory Identification Document hence the accuracy of the Passport’s information is very crucial as any discrepancy in name or other details can lead to the rejection of the Visa including several other issues. A Passport is mandatory for traveling overseas as without a valid Passport it is not allowed to travel abroad. Now let’s take a look at Name Change on Passport in India details.

Can you still use your Passport if your Name is Changed?

It would be not advisable and Legally incorrect to use the Passport with the old name when the name has already been changed under the Government Official records, After changing the name it is mandatory and important to update the name under all Identity proofs and then only to use it further.

Let’s take an Example : Ajay Sharma has changed his name through Central Gazette Notification to Namit Sharma and have also changed his name in his Aadhaar Card however forgot to change the name under his Passport, now while applying for Visa for his Business Trip his Visa got rejected due to mismatch in his name in the ID proofs and due to name being changed in Official records of Government of India, now his entire Business planning got ruined due to not using the Old Name Passport.

Hence, it is always advisable not to use Passport with the Old Name.

Can we Change Name on Passport?

Changing name in Passport required certain Documents and after the submission the name gets changed. When your Passport Name Change is done then you need to see the time zone when you have changed your name because if your name is changed within a year of the date your Passport was issued then you have to complete Form DS-5504.

Form DS-5504

Note: Form DS-5504 is the form which is used when Name Change and Misspelt corrections or an error which is there on the Passport made at the time of issue are required to be done.

Can Passport Name Change/Correction be done Online?

Passport Name Change/correction and re-issue can be done Online through the Government website Passport Seva. The procedure for Name Change in Passport are as follows:

  1. Visit the Passport Seva official website.
  2. Register, and then use your credentials to log in.
  3. Choose “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport” from the list of choices presented.
  4. Select Option 1 while completing the online application.
  5. Select the “re-issue of the Passport” option and then enter the information you want to modify in your Passport.
  6. Complete the information necessary to change your name on your Passport.
  7. Before clicking “Next,” choose “Yes” to accept the terms and conditions and “Save” the information you have provided.
  8. The Documents that need to be submitted for address and birth verification are to be selected.
  9. Take out the printout of the application form, make payment for the fees and also take out the receipt print.
  10. As per slot availability, book the appointment.
  11. Upload the scan copies of the Document and download the final receipt.

As per your slot go to the Passport office along with ready Documents and the authorities over there will get your Passport Name Change/correction updated accordingly.

Does Name Change in Passport require Police Verification?

Police verification for Passport

A Passport holder’s identity and address are mandatory verified by the police. This procedure is often carried out by an officer from your neighborhood police station.

The state and standards may dictate different verification procedures. A police officer comes to your home to verify the information you provided on your Passport application. You might need to provide identification proof in the form of Documents.

The Passport Seva website also lists the location of the closest police station. This will make the procedure for police verification for Passport renewal more efficient.

A police officer will present a clearance report following a successful inspection. After receiving the required Police Verification Report from the appropriate police station, the Passport office will then send your Passport within 3 days.

Is the Gazette enough for Name Change in Passport?

In general, Gazette Notification is enough for the name correction/change in all Legal Documents including under Passport however it also depends upon application to application, in few type of Name Change/Correction the Passport department can ask to produce Affidavit & Newspaper publication in 2 Leading Newspapers (one in Local & one in English) wherein in few type of applications the Department can ask for the Gazette Notification and copy of ID proof with the New name hence it completely depends upon the application.

What Documents are required for Change of Name in Passport?

In common scenarios the Passport Name Change Documents required are as follows:

  1. Affidavit for the Name Change/correction in Passport.
  2. Newspaper Ad Publication for the Passport Name Change/correction.
  3. Identity Proof with New Name.
  4. Central Gazette Notification under Part IV.

How Much does it Cost for a Name Change in Passport?

Cost for name change on passport

One must apply for re-issuance of the current Passport if their name or residence change, among other personal information. The application fee for a Passport renewal with a 10-year validity that includes an extra booklet because the visa pages have been used up is 2000 won (for 60 pages) or 1500 won (for 36 pages).  A person must also pay an additional INR 2,000 for tatkal services. Additionally, the application charge for reissuing a Passport for a minor with a 5-year validity is 1000 rupees (for 36 pages), and there is a further tatkal fee of 2000 rupees.

Do I need a Name Change Affidavit for Passport?

Yes, Affidavit is required for Changing the name in the Passport, Affidavit is a Self-Declaration and mandatorily required for certain processes in India; Affidavit should be made on an appropriate value of Stamp paper and should be duly Notarized by the Notary Public.

How will help you in Changing Name on Passport?

Changing name is a lengthy process and requires various Documents and for a laymen that could be a hectic task. Here, will help you in changing your name. We assist our customers throughout the process and draft all the necessary Documents for Name Change. For changing your name in Passport, you will need the Gazette notification for getting that, eDrafter is a one stop solution. Here are the 3 steps of getting a Name Change Gazette notification in which we will assist as well as draft your Document. These steps are:

  1. Name Change Affidavit : We will prepare your Name Change affidavit on a relevant value of stamp paper and duly Notarized which is a primary step of getting the Name Changed in India.
  2. Newspaper publication : We will assist you with the Newspaper publication in 2 Leading Newspapers (1 local and 1 national newspaper) for Name Change. 
  3. Gazette Notification: We will prepare all the Documents as per the Gazette guidelines and after that you just need to submit all the Documents including Name Change affidavit, newspaper publication cutting, Gazette Documents and within 1 month Gazette will release the notification for your Name Change.

Once you get the Gazette notification, you need to submit the same at the Passport office along with all the required Documents to change your name on Passport.


Everyone needs a Passport since it is an essential Legal Document. We are aware that updating a Passport’s details may be a challenging procedure. It is now quite convenient for them to update and view their Passport information online. The demand for online Passport Name Changes has grown as more and more people experiment with ways to Change Names in their Passports.

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