Name Change Affidavit For NRI

How To Create Name Change Affidavit for NRI?

Name Change Affidavit For NRI

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People may obtain Non-Resident of India(NRI), a type of permanent residency that entitles them to live and work overseas permanently. NRI status, despite its name, does not provide citizenship or the opportunity to run for public office outside India. If the citizen is required to change the name then he/she will need to suffice a Name change affidavit for NRI. The after process will be discussed below so keep scrolling:

Why does NRI need an Affidavit for Name Change in India?

Affidavits are required for declaring any kind of information to the world. So NRI needs an affidavit for a name change to declare that they are changing their name officially. Hence after that, they can get their other documents rectified as well.

What Name Change Documents for NRI do I need?

There is no document that is out of the blue. All documents are the same for Non-resident of India, and they are as follows:

Documents Required for Name Change Affidavit for NRI
  1. ID proof of your old name.
  2. Signatures
  3. And your Aadhaar Card.

How to create Name Change Affidavit for NRI?

A citizen is not required to visit India to get the process done. The process would be the same but if the citizen is taking Offline mode then the person has to personally visit India to get his/her name changed. Though they can get it done in foreign themselves. By approaching the Indian embassy in that country where the overseas citizen will receive an affidavit for name change for NRI. 

Now if they want to announce their changed name in India officially then they will need to publish it in two newspapers and make an affidavit then get it published in the Gazette. Though first, you have to get your notarized name change affidavit for NRI because when you get your name change in the Indian Embassy in a foreign the procedure for name change will be the same though a few documents will be up and down else everything would be the same.

The procedure is simple for Name change affidavit for NRI if you are going for Online platforms such as ours. When you open our website you can see “Change of name”. The steps are as follows:


The very first step while changing your name in India even if you are overseas is to get your name change affidavit for overseas citizenship of India made. The affidavit must include your old and new names, as well as the reason for the name change (marriage, legal, numerological, divorce, correction in existing name, etc.).

Name change affidavit Sample


The second step in the name change procedure is the Newspaper Publication for the Change of Name. Publish the advertisement in two local leading newspapers in the state.


The publication of the change of name in the Gazette of India is the last step in the name change procedure. The gazette notification publishes in the Indian Gazette (Central Gazette) by submitting an application. Along with a Payment receipt for the required fee and a list of documents.

How much does it cost for NRI to change my name in India?

If you are residing in India then the Name change is done at a very minimal price for the courier but if you are requiring an international courier service then the charges for the courier will be different.  Else the name change documentation prices start from 2000/- and for the full name change package services are 4000/- including the stamp duty and other charges. 

There might be a chance that you might need to do a notary of your name change affidavit for NRI which charges extra that depends on the State.


Those who would prefer going offline. Then even if you are living overseas you need to come down to India for the procedure. The advocate or lawyers would be needing your physical presence while drafting your name change documents. So choosing an Online platform is more convenient for one’s living abroad.

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