How To Print Matter On Stamp Paper

How To Print Matter On Stamp Paper?

How To Print Matter On Stamp Paper

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Stamp Paper is a unique kind of paper used for official and Legal papers including affidavits, agreements, and other significant paperwork. Printing on Stamp Paper India necessitates close attention to detail in order to maintain the Document’s authenticity and Legality. For Legal and official paperwork, two different types of paper are used: print on Stamp Paper and print on e-Stamp Paper. Although both are used to record crucial agreements and affidavits, there are substantial differences between them in terms of their physical characteristics, acquisition strategies, and general convenience. 

Can a stamp be printed?

Well no stamps are drawn on the pages before using it. It is printed on normal papers. Though according to my research it is said that stamps aren’t allowed to print on normal printing paper. Stamp Paper printed on normal A4 sheets is not possible because a special paper is used which is called bond paper and it is used for it specifically only.  

Which Documents can be printed on Stamp Paper?

Almost all the Legal Documents are printed on but not all Documents can be printed on it. The Documents which are print on Stamp Paper are:

The Document that cannot be printed on bond paper is Will which can be written on a plain paper.

Will Can Not be printed on stamp paper

How to print on Stamp Paper online?

Since we are talking about print on bond Paper, why not discuss procuring it. Which might be helpful for many of you. Who is still doodling over it. Everyone might know the traditional way of getting Stamp Paper via court. Right! Now with this advanced techno you can also get it Online without even budging from your places. 

To print e Stamp Paper online you can take our guidance all you need is to visit our website. Not only the print bond paper but many other services such as printing agreement on Stamp Paper, name change etc.

How to print an affidavit on Stamp Paper?

Affidavit itself is a declaration where a person is announcing to the world that so and so thing has happened or he/she is trying to do. For example, a person has changed his name so he/she is required to prepare an affidavit to announce his change of name to the public. Likewise, an affidavit is required to be printed on Stamp Paper so that it becomes authentic and is not rejected from wherever it is submitted.

A Stamp Paper is a non-judicial Stamp Paper on which every Legal Document is printed. Until and unless your Document is not executed on a Stamp Paper it is not considered as Legal. The printed matter on eStamp Paper as usual would be typed on the system and then printed, something that everyone must be knowing but the main point is that if you print on physical eStamp Paper then the content would start printing from below  the government Symbol and on the other hand for print on e bond Paper you will notice that the printing on Stamp Paper india is done from below where it is mentioned that you are entitled to write from here.

non judicial stamp paper with watermark
non judicial e-stamp paper with watermark

Can we print on the backside of eStamp Paper?

There is no set rule of writing content on the backside of Stamp Paper. But you should avoid getting your content printed on Stamp Paper backside. Well the backside of the Stamp Paper is used to mention down the facts to whom the Stamp Paper has been issued, the issue date, the details of vendors, etc. But people avoid writing on the backside of Stamp Paper.

Can the content be hand-written on Stamp Paper?

Whether you write it with your hands or type it down from the computer. Until and unless the clauses and reasons aren’t cleared then it is no benefit of writing it down. If the content is printed on Stamp Paper and is clear to understand for the people. It matters. Not the handwriting or printing Stamp Paper ink.

But you can not make a cutting or use a corrector on Stamp Paper since the Document will not be considered as liable or Legal.


So this is how one can print matter in eStamp Paper. On the internet, you can find various portals including where you can easily ask them to print your content on Stamp Paper without going anywhere. Technology has made our life easy so why should we miss getting its advantage?

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