What is self attestation?

Self Attestation – Meaning, Importance & Validity

What is self attestation?

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Thinking out of the box, the Government took notice of the need for Self Attestation and   introduced it across India. Over time, it has become crucial to self-attest all documents before submitting them to the higher ups. Scroll down for additional information on the service:

What does it mean by Self attestation?

The self attested meaning process entails the applicant independently verifying a document. After creating a photocopy of the document, the owner self-certifies it by signing it and, it necessary to write “self attested” on the documents.

Self signed document enables the owner to vocally confirm the authenticity of the document. It saves the time and money needed to find the appropriate authorities and then acquire their certification.

How to self attest a document?

An easy way to self attest a document is to sign on its photocopy. Make sure your sign is visible and reflects on the entire copy of the page. If there are multiple sheets, sign each one individually. To make it appear genuine, insert an actual copy into the text.

Process of self attestation

Process of self attestation

To self attest the document, the individual priorly needs to keep a photocopy of the original documents. On documents, “self attested copy” should be noted, and signatures are required. The method must be redone if there are more than one page.

It’s vital to remember that you do not need a notary after properly self-attesting the necessary documents. Furthermore, either of the child’s parents may act on the child’s behalf if the minor needs to sign a document in their own name.

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Why is self-attested copy important?

Every document was once required to be signed by a Gazette official, the head of an organization or an office. However people occasionally found it tedious to sign so many documents, thus the self-attested copy was thought to be sufficient to ratify a document. 

Self attestation example, if you need to submit any self attested legal document such as an affidavit, it states thatI believe the information provided is accurate and pertinent and that if there is ever a mistake, I will be held responsible. It strengthens the veracity of all the documents and is therefore crucial.

Is self attestation valid in India?

The self attestation is valid in India. In cases where it was not required by law, the Government of India abolished the requirement for some of the legal documents to be witnessed by notary or government employees in July 2014.

Though there are many documents where self attestation is not welcomed yet, through self attestation has made a lot of things easier for the public.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of self attestation?

The purpose of self attestation is to fulfill government official work. 

Is date required in self attestation?

The date is a crucial condition that one should take into account when performing attestation. Due to the fact that, date is important because an individual will have a record of when the attestation was done for the future reference.
Note: The date must always appear in documents that have legal power.

Who can self attest documents?

Any individual who is in need to verify their documents itself in an organization, etc.
For instance, if you need to submit an attested marksheet in college you can easily do the self attestation by signing the photocopy of your marksheet.  

Where to sign in self attestation?

The self attested signature has to be placed just right under the phrase ‘self attested’ by the individual.

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