Pune Online Rent Agreement

How to get an Online Rent Agreement Pune, Maharashtra?

Pune Online Rent Agreement

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A city as livable as Pune which is renowned for its rich industrial and educational hubs in India. The demand for Online rent agreement pune has increased as the number of mankind has shot up as they are in search of prestigious colleges & highly paid Jobs. 

As an enormous number of people are moving to Pune city, a Rental Agreement becomes a very important and mandatory document that is beneficial for both i.e. owner and the tenant. For the owner, his property is secure as per all Legal aspects and the tenant gets address proof.

Rent Agreement : Meaning

A Rental Agreement is a very important. and mandatory document that is beneficial for both i.e. owner and the tenant. For the owner, his property is secure as per all Legal aspects and the tenant gets address proof. The rental agreement can be prepare through both online and offline modes. For offline mode, you need to go nearby Authority Or Court which is a tedious. and time-taking process, and for an Online rent agreement. you can easily order from our website.

IMPORTANT FACT: With effect from 21/04/2015 the stamp duty for the Rental Agreement. is 500/-, Rental Agreement can not execute on any other stamp paper value.

Stamp Duty briefing for Maharashtra state

Can I make an Online Rent Agreement Pune, Maharashtra?

The rental agreement for pune can be prepared through both online and offline modes. For offline mode, you need to go to the nearby Authority Or Court which is a tedious. and time-taking process. Now Maharashtra rent agreement can also be procured online. The hub of education, Pune has advanced where everyone can order online their legal documents. The Online rental agreement Pune can be easily ordered from our website.

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What is the Rent Agreement Process in Pune?

There are very simple steps that you can follow to do an online rent agreement in Pune, Maharashtra. Below we have outlined the process of Online rent agreement for Pune:

  1. Step 1: Visit edrafter.in and click ‘Rent Agreement’ on the website.
  2. Step 2: Select the type of Rent Agreement you want to create such as ‘Draft of Rent Agreement’ or ‘Complete Rent Agreement’.
  3. Step 3: Fill in the personal details and scrutinize the form before moving ahead.
  4. Step 4: Once satisfied with the details then ‘click to proceed’ and choose the service ‘Quick Scan’ or Scan Copy’.
  5. Step 5: After choosing the service click ‘Payment’ and place your order once the payment is  made.

Once the payment is made by you, we will create a draft of your rent agreement and share it with you for your approval. Once the draft is approved, we will proceed further and once the agreement is ready, you will get the scanned copy of your agreement in your mail. Whereas, the hard copy will be delivered to you through courier service within 2-3 working days.

What Documents are required for Online Rent Areement Pune?

Documents Required For-Online Rent Agreement Pune

Here are the list of required documents for online rent agreement pune:

  • Photocopy of Aadhaar card of both the parties.
  • Two passport size photograph
  • Signatures are mandatory of both parties.

How to Register a Rent Agreement Online Pune?

In India, online registration of rent agreement is available in a few states such as Maharashtra. In Maharashtra, landlords have to register and create a profile on the e-filing website (https://efilingigr.maharashtra.gov.in/ereg/) and provide few details including village, type of property, address, area and other details.

Once registered, you will get the option to pay stamp duty and fees by generating an online challan receipt. Next, both parties (Landlord & Tenant) have to take an online appointment but they will have to be physically present at the sub-registrar office with required documents for further process of rent agreement registration.

Below are the required documents for rent agreement registration.

  1. Proof of property ownership
  2. Tax receipt of property
  3. Two passport size photographs of both parties and one of each witnesses
  4. Copy of address proof document of both parties and witnesses.

How to check Registered Pune Rent Agreement online?

Once you are through with registering your online Rent Agreement pune then if you ever want to check the validity, authenticity and the status of your lease agreement, you just need to visit the given government link https://efilingigr.maharashtra.gov.in/ereg/.

What is the cost of a Registered Rent Agreement in Pune?

When you are done checking the authenticity of the registered Agreement online then the thing that pops up is the costing of the documents. Cost of online rent agreement in Pune goes up to 10 -100 or more. It is a common phenomenon that the Online rent agreement Pune charges are comparatively lower than the offline process.

How can I Download Online Rental Agreements Pune?

If you are seeking help from any online service provider/ online website then you can always ask them to provide you the soft copy or the scan copy through mail. Suppose you have placed an order for Maharashtra rent agreement from edrafter.in then the process is simple:

  • When you have finished filling out the form and given it a thorough scan.
  • The next step is to select the service type: Quick scan copy or Scan copy.
  • Once the entire process and payment are completed.
  • Finally, you will receive a mail-based scan copy of your lease.
  • You can then download effortlessly from there.

How to Renew Rent Agreement in Pune online?

Since it is quite practical for both sides and saves the tenant from having to find a new place and go through the entire process again, the majority of tenants opt to carry on with their existing arrangement. If a tenant is opting for Online rent agreement renewal pune they need not go through any cumbersome procedure, just make a new agreement with already details given and if any new clauses need to be added from either of the parties can add up and can give for further proceedings. 


Knowing the procedures for preparing a online rent agreement pune becomes essential if you intend to rent an apartment. If there had been a rent agreement in place. many rent-related cases that are currently pending in Indian courts could have. been easily resolved and for this problem. eDrafter.in provides all necessary services which both the tenant. and landlords are seeking for!

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