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How to get a Rental Agreement in Pune Online?

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A Rental Agreement is a very important. and mandatory document that is beneficial for both i.e. owner and the tenant. For the owner, his property is secure as per all Legal aspects and the tenant gets address proof. The rental agreement can be prepare through both online and offline modes. For offline mode, you need to go nearby Authority Or Court which is a tedious. and time-taking process, and for an Online rent agreement. you can easily order from our website.

IMPORTANT FACT: With effect from 21/04/2015 the stamp duty for the Rental Agreement. is 500/-, Rental Agreement can not execute on any other stamp paper value.

Stamp Duty briefing for Maharashtra state

How to get Online Rental Agreement in Mumbai?

People often ask how they can get a Rental Agreement in Mumbai the answer to this is that the. Stamp paper is State-wise not City wise hence, whether you make a Rental Agreement. for Mumbai or for Pune it will be execute on Maharashtra State Stamp paper only. Hence, there is no such difference as a rental agreement whether for Mumbai or for Pune it is one and the same thing.

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Process Of Applying For Rental Agreement In Pune Through Our Website:

You can either Watch this Video to know How to Apply for Rental Agreement at our website

OR Can refer to the steps below :

  • Click on Rental Agreement
  • Scroll a little you will get three options. If you want a rental agreement with a draft so click. the first one and if you want a complete rental agreement with stamp paper then click on the second option.
  • Then you will see the rental agreement form in which all the details about the. agreement will be fill in. On the right side of the screen, you will see a live editor which will automatically keep fetching up as and when you. fill the form and your Rental Agreement will get created through integration.
  • At first, you need to Select the State for the Stamp Paper as every State has there own stamp paper. So choose accordingly! Here as we’re discussing about the Maharashtra state hence choose Maharashtra.
  • Then comes up the Purpose. There are three options available Residential if looking for a place to live with the family. Single room mostly college students. prefer this as they are one or two people living together. and commercial if you want a rented place for your office.
  • Next is the Owner’s detail, the name of the owner in relation, and the person’s name. to whom the owner is related for example Sunil S/o Rajesh Kumar R/o Tower-I, Golf Course, Noida. Please note that under the Address column you need to mention the Permanent Address. as per the Aadhaar card.
  • Just the same way you filled in the information of the owner, the tenants’ information. will be fill in, including the tenant’s name in relation to and the name of the person. to whom the tenant is related. for ex: Rajeev S/o Ramesh Kumar R/o Tower-II, Golf course, Noida (address as per the Aadhaar card).
  • If there is more than one tenant. (18+) so choose the box and fill in the name, address, and their parent’s name under other tenant details. Kindly provide it under the same format as per the above point.
  • Then comes the Agreement details, and the address of the rented property will be fill in. After that, the property details will be fetch such as the. number of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, parking, etc. if you want them. on the agreement and if not then leave it blank!
  • How much rent the tenant will pay to the owner will be specify here. For ex. 15000/-.
  • Then on what date the tenant will be paying the rent to the owner will be specify, for example, the 5th day of the month.
  • If there are any maintenance charges imposed on the tenant then it will be fill. in here and if there are no charges then it can be left blank or Nil or if included in the rent then mention “Included in Rent”.
  • What amount of security deposit paid to the owner is going to be mention here. and if there is no security deposit then leave it blank. The mode of payment is next through which channel the tenant has paid the. security will be fill here, for example, cash, cheque, or bank transfer.
  • The date of commencing in this is the date from when the agreement starts (starting of the rent tenure). The format will be months/date/year but in the original. rent agreement, the format is printed as date/month /year.
  • For how many months the agreement is valid the duration needs to be mention. For example, 11 months.
  • The notice period before vacating the rented property will be specify. For example, 2 months.
  • If the tenant and/or Owner wants to renew the agreement after the completion of the tenure. and the owner has done any increment in the rent amount then it will be mention here. For  example 10%
  • If there is a lock-in period where both parties can not leave the property. If not then mention it in the blank.
  • Any modification you want in the agreement then you specify it in the block.
  • Fitting & fixtures are optional it’s up to the tenant whether he/she wants to fill in the details or leave them blank.
  • The tenant needs to select the value of the Stamp paper. Commonly 100 value is select in most states and for Maharashtra 500.
  • If the tenant wants notary service then he/she may click on the box. The picture of the Adhaar card and signatures will be needed.
  • Click on the terms & conditions box and then Add to the cart the rent agreement form.
  • After that, recheck all the details in the Cart if any detail is missing or wrong the. customer can edit the form and fill in the right or missing details.
  • When the Customer. done with rechecking the form he/she may select the type of service they want. Quick scan service within 2 hrs will be provide. the scan or standard scan service which will be available by the evening.
  • Click on Proceed to Checkout once the tenant has chosen the type of service they want.
  • Fill up the billing details by giving the name, phone number, and email address. If the shipping address is somewhere else then select the box else the given. address will be consider as the shipping address. Then select the mode of payment and place the order.


Knowing the procedures for preparing a Rental Agreement becomes essential if you intend to rent an apartment. If there had been a rent agreement in place. many rent-related cases that are currently pending in Indian courts could have. been easily resolved and for this problem. provides all necessary services which both the tenant. and landlords are seeking for!

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