Understaning the Freehold Property

What is Freehold Property?

Understaning the Freehold Property

“Freehold Property” name itself says Free-hold that means the owner can freely hold the property without any restrictions.

Sounds Confusing? OK let’s go in a depth of what actually Freehold Property is:

Freehold Property means that :

  • You are the complete Owner of the Property.
  • You are free from the state of being Restricted.
  • You can enjoy the complete Ownership throughout of your life.
  • You are the Sole Owner of property.

Just in a simple words we can say- “Freehold means the complete ownership of the Property”

Who can apply for Freehold Conversion?

Here is the answer- Anyone who is the original Allottee of the property or purchased the property through GPA Holder/Agreement to Sell can apply for the Freehold Conversion.

It is always recommended to make your Leasehold Property converted into Freehold, as the conversion will make you the Certified Chef of your food.

We hope that now from our this blog the definition of Freehold gets clear in your mind. If you have any question regarding this kindly comment on our blog we will surely help you with.

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