What is Digital Signature and How does it works

What is Digital Signature and How it works?

What is Digital Signature and How does it works

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Digital Signature is mainly the sign which an individual does in a computerized form. The person is not needed to visit anywhere for the signatures on the document. With the help of the technology it is made possible for the people to do the Digital Signature online. The problem of duplicacy and tampering are rubbed off by the Digital Signatures.

No waiting queues, no wasting time, just a strong internet connection to get your documents signed electronically from your place of residence itself. e Signature adds a lot of benefits over traditional paper-based signatures, including enhanced security, efficiency, and cost saving which we will be discussing in an elaborative form. So scroll down:

What is the use of Digital Signatures?

Digital Signatures cut off the issue of trust. The e-sign depicts that the content on the documents are true and verified from the side of the holder. There are no alterations done. Also the concept of Digital Signature has become so much popular that even the mandates for the loans accept the esignature online. Earlier people have to visit the bank physically to sign the mandates. There are many places where Digital Signature are used, such as:

  1. Bank mandates
  2. College admissions
  3. Official work

And many more documents which are labeled to be signed legally. The Digital Signature pdf mailed to us is authentically encrypted with the Signer information which makes it more secure and hard to tamper with. If you talk about the validity of Digital Signature in India, it is legally valid to sign a document digitally.

What are the types of Digital Signature?

Majorly there are two types of Digital Signature. The type of e Signature are as follows:

Types of Digital Signature
  1. Aadhaar-based Digital Signature: When you engage with the concept of e Signature the authentic method that is used is Aadhaar based OTP. Since Adhaar Card has been labeled as ‘Our Pehchaan’ (one’s identity) tag.
Aadhaar-based Digital Signature

In this if your Mobile number is linked to your Aadhaar Card then you can sign electronically while visiting to the NSDL Website; after initiating the signature on OTP will be triggered at your registered mobile number and after inserting the same your Document will be signed through Aadhaar which is the most convenient and authenticate way to sign a Document.

  1. Phone-based Digital Signature: And there is another method which is through Phone-based OTP. The quick & easy way to sign a Document. The esginature process is simple. After the process an otp will be sent to your registered mobile number and you need to fill it in and then the esigned document will be sent to you via mail.
Phone-based Digital Signature

There are also few other ways of getting your e Signature done.The widespread use of e Signature has led to a rapid trust among the people and confidence on Online transactions. The e signature has revolutionized the way we authenticate and validate electronic documents and offering a secured digital era to everyone.

What are the Advantages of eSign?

The use of Digital Signature has given an outrageous results to people.The advantages of e Signature are as follows:

Advantages of Digital Signature
  1. Reliable source: The e-signature does give a sense of security in the minds of people about the tampering and duplicacy in the Digital Signature. When you are through with the Digital Signature procedure then at the very end you will actually receive an esign pdf online along with the audit report in which every specification is mentioned down. Such as the File name, initiated by, system details, IP address, Date & Time etc.
  1. Time saving: With the urging Digital Signature needs, a person free himself from the clutches of tight locations and time schedules which clashes with their daily work schedule. Esign gives the freedom to sign your urgent legal mandates from any feasible location of yours. Even if you are staying anywhere abroad you can sign on your legal documents with help of e signature.
  1. Cost Friendly: Digital Signature drastically reduces your cost. The cost of travel and paper everything is reduced to 80% that you are supposed to pay. So why not go for an easier way than dragging your feet in this hot summer! And also this is done within a few minutes with the right internet connection. Fast and cost effective. What else a person needs, right?
  1. Environment Friendly: In Digital Signature procedure there is no paper involved. The entire process is paper-less. In which no tree cutting or any harm is done to the environment. It saves countless trees from getting destroyed and is actually benefiting the human race in restoring the vegetation.

Moreover, Digital Signature eliminates the major streamline of signing process that is the need for physical presences and allows for quick and convenient remote interactions.


All this information regarding the e Signature can make you sure about how feasible and securable it is. Don’t just read try as well for your own confirmation. The Digital Signature at the end has become a crucial part of the digital age. With the increasing prevalence of digital communication and the need for secure online interactions, the adoption of Digital Signatures has become a paramount in various sectors. With time Digital Signatures will play a vital role in people’s legal life!

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