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How to get Online Stamp Paper in Maharashtra?

online stamp paper in maharashtra


  • Stamp Duty in Maharashtra
  • Types of Stamping process in India
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The Stamps Act in India came into action by the British East India Company in 1797 with Regulation VI. It was later amended and became the Indian Stamps Act, of 1899. which applied all over  India by 1860. At that time, the stamp papers print with the face of the Queen/King on them. The charge of the stamp duty was 1 anna, 2 annas, and so on.

Stamp paper is a legal paper on which the stamp value is printed. These are usually issued by the government and have a fixed value such as 10 rupees, 20 rupees, and so on. Every stamp paper has a “Monetary Value” assigned to it. Any legal document can only consider legally valid if executed on an appropriate value of a stamp paper. It’s very important to pay appropriate stamp duty to the government or else a penalty can charge. That can make the executed document invalid. Many people gets confused between Stamp paper vs Notary. However, you can go through our blog post to know the difference between both these documents.


Stamp duty is a tax levied by the government on legal documents. Especially, when property or assets are transferred. In a rent agreement, if both parties (tenant and landlord) agree, then they pay the stamp duty. Otherwise, the tenant is usually responsible for the stamp duty. The same goes for a lease agreement. The stamp duty varies from state to state. Each state has its specific articles and stamp duties. For example, In Maharashtra, only two stamp paper values are available i.e. 100 and 500.

The following clauses came into effect from 21/04/2015 –

  • 100 value is applicable for Affidavit and Counterpart duplicate.
  • 500 value is applicable for the Agreement. Cancellation deed, Bond, Partnership deed, Power of Attorney, Undertaking, Declaration, MOU,  etc.

Above are the details for Stamp duty in Maharashtra.


There are three types of stamping processing, that are legally valid in India:

  • Stamping through Court: States, where stamp paper procurement is physical through courts. So, one needs to visit the Government-authorized stamp vendor and furnish the details.
  • Stamping through SHCIL: The Government of India has appointed SHCIL. as the only Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA). The citizens can pay stamp duty online and later on they will get a hard copy of the e-stamp paper. For this, they can visit the authorized collection center.
  • Stamping through e-gras: The Online Government Receipts Accounting System (e-GRAS). There are very few states where stamping through e-gras is applicable. Where the public need not be present physically. They get their stamp papers online without any long hefty process.


Maharashtra does not have electronic stamp paper. But, you can still order online stamp paper through our portal You can save your time and efforts on physical visits.

You can get your stamp paper online by following just a few easy steps. Your stamp paper scan copy will deliver to your e-mail within 2 hours. The hard copy of the stamp paper will be available to you within 2 days at your respective place.

The following steps to order an online stamp paper are:

FIRST STEP – Visit the given website

SECOND STEP- Then click to Buy e-stamp paper.

THIRD STEP- Choose the respective state as such e-stamp paper online Maharashtra. or choose it accordingly.

FOURTH STEP- Fill out the form while providing First Party and/or Second Party names. If buying Stamp paper for an Affidavit then you need to mention only the First Party’s name. If buying stamp paper for the Agreement then you need to mention First Party & Second party names. The purpose of the Stamp paper-like – Rental Agreement, stamp duty & who will pay the stamp duty. After filing & reviewing the details just add the form to the cart.

FIFTH STEP – Check the details thoroughly and the estimated cost. Choose the type of Scan & Shipment service and then proceed to checkout.

SIXTH STEP – Lastly, fill out the billing details and payment mode then place your order.


Though e-stamp paper in Maharashtra is not available. We made it easy for the public to get their hands on the stamp papers at a very reasonable cost. Once the Order gets placed. In under 2 hours, you will get the Scan copy of the stamp paper in your email. which you can use if you need to submit an application online. And hard copy will also get shipped to you within 2 days.

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