Bihar e Stamp Paper

e Stamp Paper Bihar | Where can I get e Stamp Paper for Bihar?

Bihar e Stamp Paper

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Have you ever seen those A4-sized Documents with pink or green designs on top that resemble currency? We do require those papers, and we are generally aware that they are Legal Documents with some weight. They have a certain value and are referred to as Stamp Papers. But what are those Documents used for, and more importantly, how long is Stamp Paper valid in India? Also are these Stamp papers available Online in the form of e stamp paper and if yes then is it available for all the states such e stamp paper Bihar?

Is e Stamp Paper Available and Valid in Bihar?

Bihar e Stamp paper is legally valid

The authorities record the relevant person’s information while issuing the non judicial Stamp Paper Bihar, primarily the name and the date of issuance. In India, it is possible to receive a refund for unused Bihar Stamp Papers within six months following issuing. If Stamp Papers are returned undamaged, a little 10% cost is subtracted. The Indian Stamp Act of 1872 does not contain any particular language addressing the validity of Stamp Papers in India. The mention of the Stamp Paper’s validity in a few states, including Maharashtra, must be carefully complied with. The same regulations that apply to the original hard copy also apply to the validity period of e-Stamp Paper Bihar and other States.

What Documents do I need to get e Stamp Paper for Bihar?

There are no Documents to make a Stamp Paper Bihar since an e Stamp Paper itself is a Legal Document which is used to execute other Documents and provides the authenticity to other Documents.

How to Get and Download e Stamp Paper for Bihar?

You can simply get your Online Stamp Paper Bihar made through our website. Follow the below given steps:

  • Step 1: Visit our website
  • Step 2: Go to the ‘Buy e Stamp Paper Page’ and choose the ‘e Stamp Paper Bihar’. 
  • Step 3: Fill in the given details of the form then proceed to ‘Add to Cart’.
  • Step 4: Choose the Service option as per your requirement.
  • Step 5: Fill in the billing & shipping address and finally make the payment.

Five Simple steps and get your e Stamp Paper bihar scanned copy on your registered mail ID. From there you can download e Stamp Paper for Bihar easily. Note it! That e Stamp Paper holds as much authenticity as a hardcopy of the Stamp Paper does.

What is the Validity of e Stamp Paper in Bihar?

Bihar e Stamp paper is valid for a lifetime

When we talk about validity the e Stamp Paper is for lifetime. It does not expire or say when the purpose of that e Stamp Paper Bihar is finished it ultimately gets outdated. The hard copy of Stamp Paper Bihar is valid for 6 months. The Bihar Stamp Paper or any state Stamp Papers are originally valid till 6 months after that it cannot be used and if the purpose of that non judicial Stamp Paper Bihar is not fulfilled then it has to be re-made.

Can e Stamp Paper bought in Bihar be executed in other states?

Now on the usage of the e Stamp Paper Bihar. You can use the e stamp Bihar in other states as well there is no written clause in Law that there would be any kind of hindrance or rejection while using it in any other states. But it depends on the authorities if they accept the e Stamp Paper bihar there or not.


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