What is Non Judicial e-Stamp Paper

What is Non Judicial e-Stamp Paper?

What is Non Judicial e-Stamp Paper

What is Non Judicial Stamp paper?

  • Non Judicial Stamp paper and  Legal Paper (Plain Paper) both are different terms in aspect of their nature.
  • On Non-Judicial Stamp Paper Magistrate never write the decision of the Case, though Magistrate writes the decision on the Legal Paper (Plain Paper).
  • That is why it is called a Non-Judicial Stamp Paper. The Paper which not considered Judicial.

What is a Non-Judicial e-Stamp paper?

e-Stamp Paper ~ is a Computer-based application and a secured way of paying Non-Judicial stamp duty to the Government. The Prevailing system of Non-Judicial Stamp Paper has been replaced by the Government with the e-Stamp Paper in a few states.

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Why Non Judicial Stamp Paper is required and What is the differences between 10 Rs, 20 Rs, and 50 Rs non-judicial stamp paper ?

The Government collects the revenue through the sale of Non-judicial stamp paper.

For each Article there is a Separate stamp duty like –

  • Stamp Paper of Rs. 10 used for Affidavit, Declaration, Undertaking etc.
  • Stamp Paper of Rs. 20 for Special Power of Attorney.
  • Stamp Paper of Rs. 50 for General Power of Attorney/Agreement.
  • Stamp Paper of Rs. 100 for Indemnity Bond, Guarantee Bond.

Note: Stamp Duty of Non-Judicial stamp paper for each state is different. The above-mentioned are for Delhi State.

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