DDA Simplified Freehold Conversion Process

You will be happy to know that DDA had made the Freehold Conversion process easier and simplified.

Later it was not so convenient, people found it difficult to convert their property from leasehold to freehold. As, they had to face long queues in INA office and ya also bunch of Documents!

But now DDA has made the procedure easier, the Department not only shortened the list of required documents but also introduced Nagrik Suvidha Kendra for the convenience of Freehold Conversion.

These Kendras are working on following Addresses:

1.Dwarka-Sector-5, Central Nursery, Dwarka, DDA Office Complex
2.Deepali Chowk Rohini, DDA Office Complex
3.Seedbed, DDA Office Complex, Laxmi Nagar
4.DDA Head Vikas Sadan, INA

In your nearest Nagrik Suvidha Kendra you can purchase the Conversion Form and can also submit  freehold conversion file.

DDA has also shortened the required Documents for the Convenience of the applicants via Dated 24.09.2015. As per the Changed procedure following are the revised Documents:

For Allottee-

  • One Indemnity Bond
  • One Affidavit
  • Four Specimen Signature
  • Conversion Form and copies of documents given by DDA.

Earlier, there was Two Undertakings as well which has been dispensed now by the Department.

For GPA-

  • Two Indemnity Bond
  • one affidavit
  • four specimen signature
  • conversion form and copies of documents given by DDA and all chain of copies of GPA and Agg. to sell.

Earlier, there was Two Undertakings as well which has been dispensed now by the Department.

Also the icing on Cake is that now DDA has also set the rule that- The conversion process will gets complete in 60-90 days.

Less Documents and So much Ease in process, What more someone can expect!

For more information and guidance for conversion, Kindly refer this link : DDA Property Freehold

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