How to get e-Stamp Paper Online

How to get e-Stamp Paper Online?

How to get e-Stamp Paper Online

e-Stamp Paper is a computer-based system to pay the Stamp Duty securely to the Government. The prevailing system of Non-Judicial Stamp paper had replaced by e-Stamp Paper by Central Government. Which is far more reliable and secured. By replacing the system from Stamp paper to e-Stamp Paper now there is no chance of fake/fraud left. Now applicant can purchase e-stamp paper securely.

Why e-Stamp Paper is required?

Stamp Paper use as a medium of paying stamp duty to the government. This is very essential because Stamp duty is a kind of Tax like Sales Tax or Income Tax. It must paid in full and on time to the Government. In case of delay in payment of stamp duty, penalties are imposed.

How To Get e-Stamp Paper Online ?

Getting e-stamp paper physically not so easy task as several problems arises like duplicacy, unusual payment of stamp duty, and many other.But now anyone can get e-Stamp Paper Online easily through our platform Following steps should consider for getting e-Stamp Paper:

Step 1: Visit to our Website and Click on Non-Judicial e-Stamp Paper

Step 2: Fill Your Details

  • (i) Enter First Party Detail and Address

Fill the details of the first party which is the person/organisation in whose behalf Stamp Duty is going to pay. Like, Anmol Singh wants to make e-stamp paper on his name so he will consider as first party and will write his name and his property address in the form.

Stamp Paper First

  • (ii) Enter Second party Details and the person who is purchasing e-Stamp Paper

Fill the details of the purchaser who is purchasing the e-Stamp Paper like Anmol Singh is purchasing so he will write his name in purchased by.Now fill the second party details, write details of those person/organisation in whose name the e-Stamp Paper is in favour of. Like Anmol Singh wants to make Indemnity Bond in favour of amity university so he will write Amity University in Second Party Details.

Stamp Paper First

  • (iii) Now Choose the category of Stamp Duty & amount of e-Stamp Paper

Choose the type of Stamp Duty under Description of Document  like, if you want to make indemnity bond choose indemnity bond and also choose the number of e-Stamp Paper you want.

Stamp Paper First

STEP 3: Review the Form and if satisfy Make Payment Online.

That’s it Now we will deliver you e-Stamp Paper at your place!

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We also provide Print on e-Stamp Paper Service in which we will print your Document on e-Stamp Paper and will make it Attest from Notary Public.

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